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Everything About Travel CPAP
Published: Thursday 31 March, 2022

If you are someone who travels once or twice a year you may be thinking about renting a CPAP machine, but there are some good reasons to purchase a second machine other than for travel.

Which Philips Dream Mask is Right for You?
Published: Monday 21 March, 2022

Philips has been quickly churning out new and innovative masks within a few years. With all these new masks it can be hard to select the best one for your sleep. With our expertise in all th...

Common CPAP Side Effects & Prevention
Published: Monday 19 July, 2021

CPAP therapy for sleep apnea is generally well-tolerated, and most people find that the benefits of better sleep outweigh any side effects but event that trade-off is generally not necessary...

How To Set Up Home Oxygen Concentrator System?
Published: Monday 28 June, 2021

In this article, we will show you how to connect your CPAP or BiPAP machine to your oxygen source.

The History of CPAP Therapy and Machines
Published: Wednesday 12 May, 2021

The history of CPAP therapy and machines is one of continuous improvement. Given the rapid pace of technological change in the world today, we can only expect even more improvements that wil...

CPAP During Illness
Published: Wednesday 12 May, 2021

If you have a respiratory infection, though, it is best to continue to wear your CPAP mask during sleep. Since nasal congestion and airway swelling go hand and hand with many respiratory inf...

CPAP Rentals: No Risk, Lots of Reward
Published: Wednesday 12 May, 2021

Do you need a CPAP machine but are not ready to make a purchase? A CPAP machine rental is a smart alternative to buying.

CPAP Lingos
Published: Wednesday 12 May, 2021

There are a variety of basic sleep apnea and CPAP terms you should know before beginning your CPAP machine research. Here we provide a list of CPAP lingos for you to start with.

2021 CPAP Machine Buyer's Guide
Published: Wednesday 12 May, 2021

This guide covers machines ranging from an entry-level, single-mode machine to feature-rich devices that can run 365 nights a year at home and on the road.

5 Reasons to Pick the Philips DreamStation Go Over the ResMed AirMini
Published: Tuesday 11 May, 2021

The DreamStation Go auto CPAP from Philips Respironics and the AirMini auto CPAP from ResMed are top-selling travel CPAP machines. Since their market release, both devices have gone through ...

CPAP Mask/Filter/Humidifier Cleaning Tips
Published: Tuesday 11 May, 2021

A machine, mask and related accessories are essential for your CPAP therapy routine. Use the tips in this guide to make sure each piece is cleaned properly.

How Humidifiers Make CPAP More Comfortable
Published: Tuesday 11 May, 2021

Depending on whether you’re a mouth or nose breather and what type of CPAP device you’re using, you may experience symptoms such as a dry mouth, sore throat, dry and cracked lips, dry or...

Do I really need to use a humidifier with my CPAP?
Published: Tuesday 11 May, 2021

Humidification has been proven in numerous studies to increase adherence with sleep therapy. Heated humidification, in particular, has been shown to augment the sense of waking up well-reste...

Coping with Change for Sleep Apnea Patients
Published: Monday 10 May, 2021

If you've just been diagnosed with sleep apnea, you should take comfort in knowing that you are not alone in coping with the frustrations of sleeping with a machine.

How Adding a Chin Strap Can Improve your CPAP's Effectiveness
Published: Monday 10 May, 2021

A chinstrap is a stretchy piece of fabric that straps over the top and back of your head, down your jawline, and across your chin, like the inside straps of a bike helmet combined with rugby...

CPAP Mask Sizing Gauge Guide (Last Updated: 2021)
Published: Monday 10 May, 2021

Getting the perfect fitting CPAP Mask isn’t the easiest task. Here at we have accumulated as many CPAP Mask Sizing Gauge PDF files as we can find for the masks we carry.

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