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CPAP For Her

CPAP Masks for Her - A Better Choice for Women with Sleep Apnea

Although sleep apnea is more common in men, women are certainly not immune. According to the National Sleep Foundation, one in four women over 65 are afflicted with this sleeping disorder, with a rising risk of it developing after the age of 50. The importance of a smooth and comfortable yet securely fitting mask is paramount in successful CPAP machine therapy. Yet a woman's facial structure tends to differ from a man's. So, what might be a great CPAP mask for him isn't necessarily the best choice for her.

Fortunately, there are now specially made, high-quality CPAP masks for women. They're designed to be lighter and are available in smaller sizes to fit a woman's face more securely to prevent leakage, which is a common problem reported by many female sleep apnea sufferers. Some of the best-known companies that design women's CPAP masks include Fisher & Paykel, Respironics and ResMed.

Depending on the model, some of their features include the ability to sleep in any position, soft wraps to help stabilize the headgear and make it more comfortable, travel-friendly design, quiet operation, simple construction, flexible tube and dual-layered cushion for better stability and seal. Headgear is designed to be less bulky and more lightweight. Nasal pillow masks have features like a dual wall pillow for better performance and less discomfort. They're also made to be very quiet and are specially designed for easy travel. Certain models have self-adjusting nasal pillows and adjustable headgear. All ladies' CPAP masks are made to fit a woman's facial contours.

Our name may be RespShop, but we offer a wide selection of CPAP masks designed for women! You'll see their advanced features explained in detail, and some models include videos that demonstrate their use and provide fitting information.