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The Comfort of a Humidifier

Why You Should Use a Humidifier

So, you're sleeping soundly with your CPAP machine, but your throat feels like a cactus. Why not sleep more comfortably by adding a heated humidifier to your setup?

When air enters the lungs, it first passes through your nasal passages or throat, where it is naturally warmed and moistened. Typically, with a CPAP or BiPAP machine, the amount of air streamed into your airways is more than what your body can naturally process, leaving your nasal passages and throat drier than normal. Oftentimes, the body directs more blood to the nasal areas in order to generate heat, which can lead to inflammation and congestion.

A humidifier adds moisture and warmth to the air, which can greatly reduce congestion and discomfort. Air passes over a chamber of heated water before entering your airways, giving your body much-needed processing assistance. Most CPAP and BiPAP machines these days already come equipped with one to maximize the effectiveness and comfort of your machine.

Humidifiers can and should be used with all mask types. However, sometimes moisture can build up in the tubing, causing condensation known as “rainout.” Adjust your humidifier's heat settings to avoid overly damp air.