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DeVilbiss iGo POC Battery Charger for Travel
Model: 306CH

DeVilbiss iGo POC Battery Charger for Travel
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DeVilbiss iGo -Battery Charging Wherever You Go

In the event that you need to charge extra batteries, you can utilize the External iGo Battery Charger. Capable of charging batteries independently from the iGo oxygen concentrator, this charger provides convenience for those on the go. When traveling, enjoy the reassur ance of extra batteries that can be charged separately. The external DeVilbiss iGo Battery Charger is ideal for individuals who keep extra batteries in multiple locations. These reliable, efficient lithium batteries adjust from 100 volts to 240 volts.


When preparing to use your DeVilbiss iGo External Battery Charger be sure to place on a flat, dry, clean surface near an outlet. Use caution when connected to an AC power source, and check to be sure it is connected properly. The voltage requirements are one-hundred (100) to two-hundred forty (240) VA. Insert a DeVilbiss iGo Battery Pack into the charger with the front of the battery pack facing frontwards. The power connectors on the back of the battery must align with the charge connectors in the battery slot. During the battery charge time, the green Charge Indicator Light will flash. When the battery is fully charged, the green Charge Indicator Light will stop flashing and change to a constant green light. You may remove the battery pack at any point in the charge cycle. When your battery is fully charged, you can feel free to leave it in the charger as long as it is powered on. You may remove the battery pack at any point in the charge if necessary.

Key Features

  • Timing-The iGo charger is fully equipped to charge a battery in approximately two (2) to four (4) hours.
  • Power Cords-Conveniently comes with three power cords that can be used domestically, in the UK and in many European countries for travel compatibility.
  • Charge Status LED-Power is indicated by the green charge light. When the iGo is fully charged, the red service light illuminates for three seconds for increased ease of use.

Reviewers Tip:

Avoid leaving the batteries in the DeVilbiss iGo Battery Charger when it is unplugged, as it will quickly decrease the battery's power. Hot batteries that are placed in the charger will not start charging until the battery cools down.

Parts of the Battery Charger

  • Battery Slot
  • Charge Connectors
  • Control Panel
  • External Power Light in Green
  • Service Required Light in Red
  • Charge Indicator Light in Green
  • External Power Input (located on back of charger)
  • Service Connector( on bottom of charger)
  • AC Power Cord included

Battery Compartment Installation Overview


Can the battery over-charge?

The DeVilbiss iGO battery charger will not over-charge the iGo Battery. However, be sure to always keep the iGo plugged in to the charger when the battery is in place. In the event that the charger in unplugged, the battery will rapidly loose power. Keeping the iGo charger plugged in at all times will allow you to keep your battery in the device whenever necessary.

What type of carrying case should I use with my battery charger?

You can't use just any case to carry your iGo Battery Charger. An approved Devilbiss carrying case will give your charger the proper ventilation and airflow for operation and cooling.

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