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AirSep External Battery Focus Adapter
Model: CD035-1

AirSep External Battery Focus Adapter
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External battery Focus adapter

The AirSep Adapter for AirBelt is specifically manufactured to link between the Focus and the AirSep AirBelt. The AirBelt is an extended power source that provides extra power for the Focus when you need to be mobile.

Key Features

  • Long Cord
  • Durable Construction
  • Perfect for Traveling

Reviewers Tip:

This adapter is perfect if you are going on long trips and do not have the necessary power source to keep your Focus charged. In combination with the AirBelt you will be able to gain significantly longer battery life.


How long is the cord for the adapter?

The cord is approximately 8 inches long making it perfect for traveling, while still providing you with enough room for mobility.


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