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Personalized Discount

Introducing Personal Discounts!

Your snoreless sleep is our goal. Everytime you make a purchase, you are closer to a greater discount. Respshop.com is proudly to offer Personal Discount - the more you order, the more you save.

Personal Discount Details

Once we ship your order, we will calculate your order total in the last 365 days. If the order total exceeds:

  • $300: you are qualified for 5% discount for future orders
  • $600: you are qualified for 8% discount for future orders
  • $900: you are qualified for 10% discount for future orders

These can be used on CPAPs, masks, and any supplies you may need to order! So, go on use on your personal discount! You deserve it!


1. What's My Current Discount Rate?

When you log into your personal account, click the "My Account" in the top right, and look for the "Personal Discount" in the left side. We will display how much you spent in the last 365 days, and your current discount rate. Then to use your discount just type in the code MYDISCOUNT during checkout to save your hard-earned cash. It's that easy!

2. Can I combine this discount with another discount code?

Sorry you cannot combine this with other discounts.

3. Are phone orders qualified too?

As long as your phone order is under your own account, they are counted. Make sure you provide the right email address when talking to our lovely customer service represetitives. If you are the first time customer, either register online, or ask our customer represetitives to create an account for you.

4. I just placed an order but why my discount rate does not change?

CPAPMan only counts the orders shipped. Please wait a few hours. Once your order is shipped, your rate will be updated automatically.

5. Can shipping & tax be discounted as well?

Personal Discount only applies to the order subtotal. Shipping & tax are not discountable.

5. Can you remind me before I downgrade?

Sure! With the time passes by, your old orders fall out of 365 days window, and your discount rate will be downgraded. We will send email(s) to remind your potential rate downgrade, so you can take advantage of the current discount; plus, the new order will be counted for the future discounts!