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ResMed Air Outlet Adapter for Airsense and AirCurve Devices
Model: 37310

ResMed Air Outlet Adapter for Airsense and AirCurve Devices
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Replacement Air Outlet Adapter

The Air Outlet Adapter for the AirSense and AirCurve lines is easy to install and will work just as well as the model that came with your device. This part is an essential piece for your machine and your AirSense or AirCurve will not run effectively without it. The outlet should only be removed for cleaning or replacement. To remove, simply toggle the release clip located inside the machine and then pull the adapter out from the back.


The air outlet adapter is designed to work with each machine from the AirSense 10 and AirCurve 10 line. Specifically, this replacement park is compatible with the AirSense 10 CPAP, the AirSense 10 Elite, the AirSense 10 AutoSet, the AirSense 10 AutoSet for Her, the AirCurve 10 S, the AirCurve 10 VAuto, the AirCurve 10 S/T, and the AirCurve 10 ASV.

Key Features

  • Compatible with all AirSense 10 and AirCurve models
  • Must be installed for machine function
  • Easy to remove
  • Convenient replacement item
  • Gray exterior

Reviewers Tip:

Your machine won't work without the Air Adapter; if your current piece cracks or breaks, you'll need to replace it immediately for proper therapy.

Setting Up Your AirSense 10 CPAP Machine


Can I use the outlet adapter on my old CPAP machine?

The AirSense and AirCurve devices are only compatible with each other. Older outlet adapters -- even from previous ResMed models -- will not work properly.


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