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Invacare Solo2 Oxygen Portable Concentrator Wheeled Cart

Model: XPO120
Invacare Solo2 Oxygen Portable Concentrator Wheeled Cart
Invacare Solo2 Oxygen Portable Concentrator Wheeled Cart
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Mobile, Lightweight Oxygen Cart

This wheeled cart is engineered specifically to fit the Solo2 Portable Concentrator. Transport the Solo2 with this versatile wheeled cart. Simply fold, and place in your vehicle when you are ready to go. The cart is lightweight and ideal for those who are on the move. Held in place with Velcro straps, the Invacare Solo2 wheeled cart allows you to travel stress free.


Place your AC and DC adapters, along with extra batteries in the accessory bag that is included in your purchase. This convenient bag simply attaches to the back of the cart. Allows for storage of personal belongings, and all equipment necessary to operate your oxygen system.


With modern technology you no longer have to haul cumbersome oxygen systems around. Your cart has been expertly engineered to suit the needs of the most active oxygen users. The raised platform will keep the cart off the ground and away from the harsh winter elements. Navigate your Invacare Solo2 Cart through stores, malls, outdoor sidewalks, and even airplanes with ease. The cart just adds to the convenience of the Invacare Solo2 portable oxygen concentrator. Live your life freely with this portable oxygen system. The small profile of the SOLO2 concentrator allows the oxygen patient to effortlessly store the portable oxygen device within their car or during air travel.

Key Features

  • Folding-easily folds up flat for carrying comfort and storage.
  • Wheels-Large, four inch wheels for ease of transportation.
  • Platform- Elevated platform conveniently keeps the XPO2 off the ground.

Reviewers Tip:

Reviewers have commented that this cart fits their Solo2 machine perfectly. Others who had purchased carts that were not specially designed for their oxygen system, found that it simply was not as functional.

How to put your machine in the cart

Simply place your oxygen system in the cart. Using your Invocare solo2 with cart is an intuitive process that should take minimal time.


How much does the wheeled cart weigh?

The cart weighs five pounds and can be easily transported.

Can I use the cart with other oxygen systems?

You can use the cart with other oxygen systems, but it fits perfectly with the Invacare Solo2.

  • The Invacare XP02 is also an excellent choice for mobile oxygen users. With 4(four) inch wheels, accessory bag and folding capabilities, this cart allows users to travel at ease. It is specifically engineered to fit the XPO2. For a cart designed to fit the Solo2, choose the Invacare Solo2 wheeled cart.

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