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SeQual Eclipse 3 DC Power Supply

Model: 5942-SEQ
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No Prescription Required

Charge on the Go!

This power supply cord is the perfect companion for the ultimate adventurer. You can bring this with you on your vacations, quick trips, or just daily outings. Simply plug your power supply into the outlet plug in your car or boat, and you are good to go! The green LED illuminates when DC Power is operating properly. It should be supplying 26VDC's of power.

Key Features

  • Ease of Operation-Plug your power supply cord into your car or boat charge and watch for the green light to illuminate!
  • Storage- Compact, and easy to store, simply throw it in your accessory bag to be on your way.
  • Freedom at last- The ability to charge in your vehicle will allow you to go places you never thought you could!

Reviewers Tip:

Use caution at all times when operating any oxygen portable unit. When using your power supply cord, be sure to always keep it away from water or flammable substances to avoid danger to yourself and others.

How to use your DC Power Supply

Using your DC power supply is very intuitive. Plug into your car or boat charger, and it should begin working momentarily.


What kind of power source do you need to use your power supply cord?

You will need to use any 12-volt DC power source with a 15 or 20 ampere circuit. This would include cars or boats with the accessory lighter.

Can I use this power supply cord with any SeQual Eclipse?

This cord can be used with the Eclipse 2 and 3. If you choose to use it with the Eclipse 1, you will need to purchase an adapter cord.


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