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Easy Pulse POC AC Power Cord

Model: R298-154
Easy Pulse POC AC Power Cord
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Replacement Power Cord for Easy Pulse POC

The Easy Pulse POC AC Power cord is a necessary component of your Easy Pulse Portable Oxygen System . Durable, and reliable, these cords are not easily damaged. On the go, or at home, it is important that you have a supply of power cords. Having access to these cords will give you peace of mind in knowing you can power up your Easy Pulse Portable Oxygen System. When travelling, bring a few along to ensure that you have enough in the event that one gets misplaced.

Key Features

  • Charge- Will charge your Easy Pulse Portable Oxygen system from most wall outlets.
  • Structure-Lengthy and durable to allow for movement.
  • Portability-Easy to fold up and transport.

Reviewers Tip:

Your AC Power cord must be kept away from water, and flammable substances at all times.

Instructions for use

Simply attach power cord into your portable oxygen system, and plug into the wall for charging.


Can I plug my power cord into the wall plugs in other countries?

You can use your power cord in other countries if you purchase the Universal Power Adapter . Can I use my power cord in the event that it is damaged?

It is best to order a new power cord if yours becomes damaged. Safety can be compromised when using a damaged or broken power cord.


  • For at-home use, utilize the Easy Pulse AC Power Cord.

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