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AirSep Focus Battery Operation Coiled Cable

Model: CD032-2
AirSep Focus Battery Operation Coiled Cable
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For Reference Only

Focus Coil Cord without Switch for Battery

The unique coil design from AirSep keeps the cord compact but can stretch to the needed length. It makes a perfect travel companion because the coil design prevents knots and tangles from occurring wherever you pack your cord. The cord is only compatible with the Focus and should not be used with any other device.

Key Features

  • Coil Design
  • Durable Design
  • Lightweight
Reviewers Tip:

This version of the coil cord does not have the on/off switch so you must manually disconnect the Focus from the coil cord.


Is the coil cord compatible with any other portable oxygen concentrator from AirSep?

No the coil cord is incompatible with other portable oxygen concentrators.


SKU: 867