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AirSep External Power Cartridge and Charger

Model: BT026-1
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AirSep External Power Cartridge and Charger

Oxygen Concentrators do not have to restrict your active lifestyle, and so AirSep has designed the perfect companion to keep you charged and ready. The AirSep External Cartridge comes with one battery and a charger with the ability to charge two simultaneously, ensuring a steady power supply for your oxygen concentrator. The external batteries are lightweight, efficient, and portable with a clip on the back for easy transportation. Furthermore, the external battery ensures that you are always informed of the strength of your battery with a low battery indicator.

Key Features

  • Portable
  • Fast Charging
  • Long Lasting External Battery
Reviewers Tip:

The charger can use both AC and DC power cords to charge your batteries, so you can charge it on the go.


How long does it take to charge?

The external battery will charge in under 5 hours.

How long does the battery last?

For the Focus, the battery duration is 3.5 hours on a setting of 2, the Freestyle 3 duration is 6 hours on a setting of 2, and the Freestyle 5 duration is 4 hours on a setting of 2.

Note:  This product replaces model number BT017-1 AirSep FreeStyle/Focus Extended Battery Airbelt

SKU: 797