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AirSep FreeStyle 3 Carry Bag w straps

Model: MI406-1
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$114.16   $79.00

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AirSep FreeStyle 3 Carry Bag

The carry bag for the FreeStyle 3 features padded sides and adjustable straps that can be worn over the shoulder or combined with a belt, providing you with additional mobility during your day-to-day activities. It is also designed to ensure proper ventilation for your FreeStyle 3 concentrator and provides you with easy access to cannulas as well. A backpack harness is available to convert the bag into a backpack if you plan on long trips or extended activity.

Key Features

  • Portable
  • Lightweight, Durable
  • Ventilation

Reviewers Tip:

The backpack harness is a great option for those who live a very active lifestyle as it enables you to change the case into a backpack. A backpack will provide you a more stable frame and keep your FreeStyle 3 in place without affecting your mobility.


Will the FreeSytle Carry bag be able to hold multiple accessories?

No, the FreeStyle 3 Carry Bag can fit some accessories but it is not an all-in one case. At best the FreeStyle 5 Carry bag can fit a few slim accessories.


This bag is compatible with AirSep Freestyle 3 Level Portable Oxygen Concentrator only.

If you are using FreeStyle 5, please refer to AirSep FreeStyle 5 Carrying Bag .

Available Accessories

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