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Philips Home Nebulizer with Reusable and Disposable SideStream Kit
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Philips Home Nebulizer with Reusable and Disposable SideStream Kit

Model: 1130530
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Home Nebulizer Compressor with SideStream Kit

Affordable, High-quality Aerosol Therapy
The Philips Home Nebulizer Kit is combined with the highly efficient SideStream nebulizer. The SideStream has been designed to draw more air in via an active Venturi system, resulting in fast medication, delivery, and short treatment times. It also has a unique diamond jet design that helps minimize wear from frequent use and aids consistent delivery of high-quality aerosol.

The Philips Home Nebulizer Compressor can be used to treat respiratory problems for both adults and children in an affordable way. This nebulizer is lightweight, compact, and very easy to operate. 

Effective Therapy - Treatment in 6 minutes
The Philips Home Nebulizer's clinically proven SideStream technology works efficiently to deliver consistent aerosol medication treatments faster in as little as 6 minutes. This nebulizer is easy to assemble and has a unique diamond jet design that helps minimize damage from constant use.


  • Designed for both adults and children
  • Clinically proven SideStream Technology for efficient medication delivery
  • Unique diamond jet nebulizer design
  • Nebulizer kit gets you ready for treatment in seconds


How to use this unit?
First, connect the hose to the compressor unit. Fill the medicine cup with the inhaled solution (prescription), then close the medicine cup tightly. Connect the hose to the medicine cup and place the mouthpiece in your mouth and turn on the machine.

Can I adjust the level of nebulizer inhalation?

Does it have a warranty?
Yes! The warranty lasts for one year. 

How often should I replace the filter?
We suggest you replace the dust filter every 1 to 2 months.

  • Philips Home Nebulizer Data SheetDownload
  • Philips Sidestream Disposable Nebulizer InstructionDownload
  • Philips Sidestream Nebulizer Cleaning and Usage GuideDownload
  • Philips Sidestream Nebulizer Quickstart GuideDownload
Model 1130530
HCPCS Code E0570
Operation Modes Intermittent (30 min ON/30 min OFF)
Filters Compressor Filters
Dimensions 6.7x9.3x3.8 inches
Weight 2.6lbs (1.17 Kg)
Sound/Noise Level 60 +/- 4dBA
AC Power 120 VAC / 60 Hz

Home Nebulizer Compressor
Nebulizer's 7ft. tubing
Reusable and Disposable Sidestream Nebulizer Cup
Reusable Mouthpiece
Filter (inserted)

Optional Accessories:
Adult Aerosol Masks
Reusable SideStream Nebulizer Cup
Disposable SideStream Nebulizer Cup

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what kind of medication
Only medications prescribed for nebulizers should be used with this device. Please follow up with your physician.
Where do you get the filters?
Here is the link to obtain the filters. https://www.respshop.com/oxygen-concentrators/nebulizer-supplies/philips-sami-the-seal-compressor-nebulizer-replacement-filter-pack-p-1565.html
During treatment moisture pools in my mouth. I have to turn off spit out the moisture then put the blue mouthpiece back in then turn the machine on.
Hello, yes you can get saliva while using the nebulizer. You will need to pull the mouthpiece out periodically and swallow then put back in to continue treatment.
I wanted to know if the filter piece is missing where can I purchase a new one? And where can I purchase new filters? I went to use my machine and the filter and the twist part is missing.
Hello, please contact our office and we would be happy to help or this is the filter that is recommended https://www.respshop.com/oxygen-concentrators/nebulizer-supplies/philips-sami-the-seal-compressor-nebulizer-replacement-filter-pack-p-1565.html
Where is the filter that you suggest changed every 2months. Located on the machine
the filter is right on the face (top) of the nebulizer. On the right hand side. You twist and pull and the filter will be there.
Can this machine be used to administer treatment to two kids at same time? If so what type Tee is required?
No I am sorry you can only do one treatment at a time. Thank you
Is this machine use for continuous, like for 3 treatments in a row
This nebulizer is reusable, so yes you can definitely use it over and over again. The only thing that is disposable is one of the mouth pieces it comes with. It will come with a reusable and a disposable mouth piece for you to try. That way you can decide which part to replace moving forward.
is there a mask that will attach to it? if not is there another nebulizer in the price range tht uses a mask?
thank you
Here is the mask that will work with your nebulizer https://www.respshop.com/more-products/nebulizer-supplies/philips-sidestream-adult-mask-for-nebulizers-p-1566.html
What's the capacity for the medicine cup? How many mL?
2.5 ml of drug output can be nebulized within 7 minutes
I lost the red stick I dropped it in the sink and it went down the drain can I purchase one at the place where I got it and can I use it without the red stick what does the red stick do I need it tonight and the place where I got it is closed
Hello, if the red stick you're referring to was part of the nebulizer cup, you can purchase a replacement nebulizer cup here: https://www.respshop.com/more-products/nebulizer-supplies/philips-sidestream-disposable-nebulizer-with-foot-tubing-p-1564.html
Hope this helps!
I am having a problem disconnecting the tube from the cup
Hi Claire, you should be able to disconnect the tubing by pulling down. Please refer to this diagram for instructions with pictures in the links below: https://www.respshop.com/manuals/Philips-Sidestream-nebulizer-quickstart-guide.pdf?pdf=Philips-Sidestream-nebulizer-quickstart-guide

Here are more instructions with pictures: https://www.respshop.com/manuals/Philips-sidestream-nebulizer-cleaning-and-usage-guide.pdf?pdf=Philips-sidestream-nebulizer-cleaning-and-usage-guide
Should the hose coming off the nebulizer be warm and very flexible while using the machine.
The Nebulizer hose does get warm, but it shouldn't be hot. The tube is designed to be flexible when in use.
Is this machine QUIET?
HI this is a quiet machine for a nebulizer.
Hello do you the manual for this nebulizator and when do you have to change the filter, the equipment is getting hot is normal?
Hello, please refer to the guide: https://www.respshop.com/manuals/Philips-Respironics-Sidestream-nebulizer-quick-start-guide.pdf?pdf=Philips-Respironics-Sidestream-nebulizer-quick-start-guide

As for the filters: For best performance and hygiene concerns, please replace them every 30 days or whenever they appear dirty or discolored. Filters can be found here: https://www.respshop.com/oxygen-concentrators/nebulizer-supplies/philips-sami-the-seal-compressor-nebulizer-replacement-filter-pack-p-1565.html

The nebulizer should only be on when in use.
Whet can I get new tubing and cup for my nebulizer?
We carry the cup and tubing stock. Please call in and we will be happy to help you with an order.
Where is this nebulizer manufactured? Where Are the materials made?
The country of origin is China.
What p.s.i. does the compressor produce (i.e., for the forced air)?
Hi there, I am not able to find a PSI rate, but the flow rate is 16 litres per minute.

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