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Respironics EverGo Oxygen Concentrator Rechargeable Battery

Model: 900-102
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Convenient, Fast-Charging Battery

If you are an EverGo Oxygen Concentrator user, you know how vital it is that your battery lasts long enough to take you wherever you need to go. These batteries give you the freedom to seek adventure, with four hours of operating time while utilizing setting 2! Enjoy extra hours in the day to be out and about, completing daily times, or savoring time with the ones you love.


Expertly engineered to be used with an EverGo oxygen concentrator, you can count on these batteries when in a pinch. They will even recharge while installed in the concentrator. This eliminates hassle, and gives you another four hours of flexibility to accomplish whatever you want while on-the-go.


At only one and a half pounds, your battery can be manuevered in and out of the portable oxygen concentrator with ease. Featuring a sleek, black exterior, the battery has less of a medical supply feel to it than others of its kind.

Key Features

  • LED Guage- Don't stress about battery power supply. This gauge will give you the exact amount of battery power left so you know how much power is remaining at all times.
  • Unparalleled Power- With approximately four hours of power after charge, these batteries are some of the most powerful in their class.
  • AC/DC Power- You can connect your battery to either AC or DC power for ultimate convenience.

Reviewers Tip:

If you choose to use your portable oxygen concentrator on a higher setting the operating time before charge will be shortened. To achieve the full four hours of operating time, you must use the setting of two.

How to use the battery

When you insert your batteries into the portable oxygen concentrator be sure that Respironics logo is facing the inside of the device


Can I bring my battery on the plane?

You shouldn't have an issue bringing your battery on the plane, but be advised that it is always best to consult with your airline before embarking on any travel plans.

Can I use this battery with other portable oxygen concentrators?

You can use it with other EverGo Oxygen Concentrators, but not with other brands. It is only compatible with the EverGo line.

What happens if I change my oxygen flow setting?

If you up your oxygen flow, your battery will not last as long as the maximum four hours. Your battery is rechargeable, so this shouldn't be a problem for you. Just be aware that the length of time you will have before re-charge will be less than it would be at a flow setting of 2.


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