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AirSep Freestyle Universal Power Supply

Model: PW022-1
AirSep Freestyle Universal Power Supply AirSep Freestyle Universal Power Supply
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AirSep Freestyle Universal Power Supply

The AirSep FreeStyle Universal Power Supply brings everything you need to recharge and operate the AirSep FreeStyle, wherever you go. The power supply can utilize AC and DC power sources to recharge your FreeStyle, and is able to recharge your FreeStyle quickly. The AC power connects directly with standard household electric outlet with power while, the DC power option easily connects to power outlets in most vehicles, boats or RV's. This power supply supplants the original two power supplies that came standard with the FreeStyle unit.

Key Features

  • Universal Power Supply
  • Portable
  • Lightweight

Reviewers Tip:

Connecting the FreeStyle Portable Oxygen Concentrator to an AC or DC power source will automatically charge the internal battery whether or not the concentrator is operating.

Universal AC/DC Power Supply model number PW017-1 comes with the FreeStyle 3.

Note Previous AC to DC power AirSep number PW010-1 can be used as well. 


Does this charger power all portable oxygen concentrators from AirSep?

No, the power supply is however compatible with all the FreeStyle series of portable oxygen concentrators. It is however not compatible with the Focus or any other concentrator not part of the FreeStyle family.


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