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AirSep Focus Bag Set

Model: MI332-1
AirSep Focus Bag Set
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$99.00   $45.00

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Focus Bag Set

AirSep has developed the Focus Bag Set specifically created for oxygen users who are always on the go. The Focus Bag Set includes the Battery Bag (MI333-1), Carrying Bag (MI345-1), Bag with Battery Pockets (MI379-1), and the Shoulder Strap (MI380-1) for extra comfort. You can pack all the accessories you need along with your Focus in a compact mobile platform that is rugged and ready to go.

Key Features

  • Travel Friendly
  • Superior Construction
  • Lightweight

Reviewers Tip:

The Focus is a perfect carry on companion during your flights, because you can use your device while the plane is in the air. It is generally recommended you call the airline ahead of time to inform them of your medical equipment.


Does the Focus Bag Set include any batteries or additional accessories?

No the Focus Bag Set only includes the Battery Bag, Carrying Bag, Bag with Battery Pockets, and Should Strap. All other accessories like cords, batteries, or the AirBelt are separate and not included with the Focus Bag Set .


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