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AirSep AC Power Cord

Model: CD023-2
AirSep AC Power Cord
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$28.00   $19.00

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AirSep AC Power Cord

The AC Power Cord from AirSep is designed to plug into any normal wall outlet or AC power source. It is able to recharge and supply power to any portable oxygen concentrator from AirSep. The Focus, FreeStyle and FreeStyle 5 are all compatible with the AC Power Cord.

Key Features

  • Dependable
  • Works with Multiple Machines
  • Portable
  • Universal AC Power cord compatible with Focus/FreeStyle 3 and 5

Reviewers Tip:

The cord is ideal for users who use multiple oxygen systems, or in any location where power may be needed for more than one AirSep device.


Do I need to buy an adapter for my AC Power Cord?

No the portable oxygen concentrator's from AirSep features a universal power source. This means the Focus, Freestyle, and FreeStyle 5 is fully capable of supporting AC and DC power source, without the need of adapters.


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