Philips InnoSpire Elegance with SideStream Reusable and Disposable Nebulizers
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Philips InnoSpire Elegance with SideStream Reusable and Disposable Nebulizers

Model: 1099969
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InnoSpire Elegance with Disposable and Reusable Nebulizer

The InnoSpire Elegance Nebulizer uses aerosol to administer medicine to users in mist form. This product is compliant with regulated standards for international safety.

Fast Medicine Delivery

The InnoSpire provides quick and efficient medicine to users in a compact and intuitive nebulizer. This product comes with a docking station for stability and a handset for your convenience.

Disposable and Reusable SideStream Nebulizer Cup

If you've ever questioned whether you should use a disposable or a reusable nebulizer, stop wondering, and try both. This unit comes with a disposable nebulizer, which lasts for approximately two weeks, and a reusable nebulizer that can hygienically deliver medicine for up to six months.

Key Features

  • Optimally delivers medicine quickly and efficiently
  • Limited pressure
  • Easy to use
  • Includes both the reusable and disposable nebulizers

Reviewer's Tip:

The disposable nebulizer lasts for approximately 2 weeks, while the reusable nebulizer has a lifespan of around 6 months.

Introduction to InnoSpire


What is this nebulizer's maximum pressure?

The maximum pressure is 44 psi.

Do I need this for my CPAP?

No, this is a nebulizer. It is for administering medicine and is not a standard part of CPAP therapy.

Available Accessories

Cleaning and maintenance

What maintenance is required with InnoSpire Elegance?
The exterior covers of the device may be cleaned as needed using a clean damp cloth. The storage area may also be wiped with a clean damp cloth. Please refer to the instructions for use for full details.

What type of filter doesInnoSpire Elegance use?
The filter is a bespoke design for InnoSpire by Filtrona.

When should you change the filter?
The filter needs to be changed regularly (we recommend every 3 months or sooner if discolored or becomes wet) Handset should also be replaced.

Model 1099969
HCPCS Code E0570
Machine Weight 3.3 lbs
Machine Size Only 4.2 x 6.5 x 6.5 inches
AC Input 120 V / 60 Hz, 1.7 Amp
Warranty 5 years
Sound/Noise Level 58 ±3 dBA
Capacity 8 ml
Flow Rates Maximum - 9.4 LPM
Maximum Pressure 44 psi
  • Elegance Nebulizer Compressor
  • SideStream Disposable Nebulizer Cup
  • SideStream Reusable Nebulizer Cup
  • Tubing
  • Mouthpiece
  • Filter
  • Power cord
  • User Manual
jackie f 03/27/2015
5 of 5 Stars!

I'm so glad I could purchase this. My local provider guided me to them out of good-will because I need to take my medication in the form of a mist. I like that it is reusable because it can get expensive buying this machine over and over again. I would recommend looking into it with your doctor if you plan to use this but I really enjoy it.

Doris P 03/17/2018
1 of 5 Stars!

I bought one of these as it looked more compact that the one I have, and I liked the idea of not having to use a mask.
As I have travelled extensively with my CPAP machine, including the one I bought from Respshop that it never occurred to me that a nebuliser would not have the same level of international usability. I can not understand why a CPAP machine would have 110-240 voltage but a nebuliser doesn't. Surely people who use nebulisers regularly need to take them when they travel. I don't need to use mine regularly, only when I get chest infections, so I only now went to use my new one. I got a shock when I realised that it doesn't work with 240V.

Seriously NOT impressed! How do people who travel internationally cope?

This doesn't make sense.

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Where do I get new air filters for this nebulizar!
Hi there, the filters for that specific Nebulizer can be found here:
Could this machine be used for COPD?
This machine is used to deliver medication to the airways. It turns liquid medication to a mist that you inhale. It can be used for patients with COPD if they are prescribed a medication that needs to be nebulized. Your doctor will let you know if you need to nebulize your medications.
Is this a traditional jet nebulizer or ultrasonic?
Hello this is an air compressor nebulizer. Here is the link for the manual.
What is the shipping cost of an Inspire Elegance system system to Atlanta?
The standard shipping cost is $5.99 for 7 day delivery. Thank you
If I ordered one (nebulizer) today (11/1), how soon would I get it (Lewis Center, OH)? You say you have them in stock but from a previous question, it seems that a person who ordered one in September STILL hasn't received theirs (back ordered). Would like to know the truth before I proceed with an order. Thanks.
This item is in stock.
Do you actually have this in stock? I ordered this from Vitality Medical on Sept. 15, 21 and I was on backorder. They didn't bother to disclose this. It should've been. Here Oct 24. Now it is saying out until December 31
Yes we do have this in stock.
Do I need a prescription to purchase a nebulizer device from you?
This device is over the counter and does not require a prescription.
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