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Oral CPAP Masks

The oral CPAP mask from is an innovative new sleep therapy device for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Many people with OSA have problems breathing through their nose due to nasal congestions, a deviated septum, facial injuries and other conditions. As a result, headgear that delivers air to both the mouth and nose is less efficient and potentially distracting. If you are one of these people, an oral CPAP mask that only delivers air to the mouth may be what you need. An oval cushion and outer flap seals the area around the lips and keeps the mask stable, with two vents that carry CPAP air to the user.

Users will love this streamlined second-generation CPAP mask, which has less structure pressing on the face while sleeping to make it even more comfortable. A single-strap easy release design makes them easy to take off as well. Both small and large sizes are available so OSA mouth breathers of all sizes can enjoy better sleep and health. As the air from any CPAP mask is typically dry, we recommend using a heated humidifier to reduce irritation. Using an oral CPAP mask is also not recommended if you do not have congestion, as air taken in through the mouth can escape through the nose and dry out the nasal lining.

For nearly a decade, has been offering sleep therapy masks and machines to help improve people’s quality of life. We have more than 1,300 products in stock to make sure that everyone with a sleeping condition can find a device that will help them, whether that is a Simplus full face mask or a Fisher & Paykel oral mask. If you have problems breathing through your nose, the oral CPAP mask may be the answer for treating your OSA. We have the lowest available prices on sleep masks and headgear, with fast shipping so you do not have to wait any longer to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

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