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Respironics DreamStation Go Auto Travel CPAP Machine without Humidifier - Refurbished

Respironics DreamStation Go Auto Travel CPAP Machine without Humidifier - Refurbished

Model: DSG500S11-Refurbished

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*Battery sold separately
*Refurbished Item - Normal worn, replaced with new tubing and filters

Respironics DreamStation Go Auto Travel CPAP Machine without Humidifier - Refurbished Item

Move over travel CPAP Machines! Philips Respironics is on the go literally and figuratively with their first-ever travel device: The DreamStation Go!!! You asked for it and Philips Respironics delivered. Coming in measured at just 5.94 inches long and weighing less than 2 pounds,(1.86 lbs/29.76oz) it stakes its claim as one of the least obtrusive devices that you will find on the travel market. Coming equipped with comfort features like Flex, automatic CPAP mode/standard CPAP mode adjustment and auto altitude adjustment, the DreamStation Go offers all the right tools to make therapy that much better. Did we mention that it's user-friendly too? The device also comes equipped with built-in Bluetooth to make data transfer smoothly for Smartphone users.

One of the main points Respironics wanted to hit on was being "travel-friendly". With the DreamStation Go, they did just that by creating a device that utilizes 2/3 fewer parts which ultimately means less packing. We'd all like to consider this a plus, especially when compared to other machines and other machines of this particular size and nature. Say goodbyes to all those extra bulky parts! One of the biggest upsides is that the power brick is built into the device which further eliminates the bulk associated with CPAP machines. Now, this doesn't mean the machine is battery powered! You will still need to have it connected to a wall outlet in order to power the device on. on further and you'll find out a worthy gem that makes the DreamStation Go one of the marquee machines in the travel industry.

Flex On/Flex Off
Bringing back an old goody in C-flex, You're comforted knowing you have three levels of relief. C-Flex technology not only provides optimal CPAP therapy at the lowest amount of pressure indicated, but you will also receive effective sleep therapy minus the pressure and discomfort. The key point in gaining an edge on sleep discomfort is to decrease the pressure at the beginning of each breath so that you are able to have low sustainable pressure as you exhale. By choosing between a pressure reduction of one, two, or three centimeters of pressure, this will allow the airstream to deliver a natural breathing process that is not forced. Your sleep is uninterrupted as the C-Flex will monitor each breath thus lowering the pressure on a breath by breath basis thereafter returning the settings back to normal pressure upon inhaling. There are three levels of pressure reduction and depending on which is chosen it will decrease your pressure by the set amount. EX: (10cmH20 with a setting of 2 means it will decrease by a pressure of 2cm which would make you exhale at a pressure of 8cmH20) This gives you the opportunity to select which level of relief works best for your specific need. A-Flex simply lowers the pressure on exhale and makes a gradual increase in pressure during exhale which allows the user to have a more fluid breathing experience. Think of A-Flex as being similar to a bicycle with training wheels whereas C-Flex is the bicycle without them however, Flex is purely based on preference, therefore, you won't go wrong with either choice.

Automatic Mode or Standard CPAP
Out of the box the machine is set the default to Auto CPAP mode by Philips Respironics however the user has the flexibility to work either APAP mode or CPAP mode dependent on what suits you best. (provided your physician feels comfortable with either mode) CPAP mode is a prescribed pressure setting that stays consistent the entire night whereas the Auto Mode automatically adjusts depending on your need throughout the night.

By the Numbers:

65% Smaller*

The DreamStation Go is 65% smaller than ResMed's AirSense 10 and AirStart 10

48% Lighter*

The DreamStation Go is 48% lighter than ResMed's AirSense 10 and AirStart 10 

33% Fewer Components**

The DreamStation Go requires 33% fewer components to pack than it's closest competitors.

On the Go! (Literally)

The DreamStation Go can run off the power grid! With the Overnight Battery (SOLD SEPARATELY) is a 90W lithium-ion battery compatible ONLY with the aforementioned machine. The battery fits directly into the device and can generally power the DreamStation Go for an average runtime of 13 hours(based on 10cmH2o), and possibly more depending on your breathing pattern and pressure settings during your sleep therapy. Best of all, it doesn't take up much space compared to other competitors making it the friendliest to travel with. 

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Key Features

  • Small/Lightweight and Travel-Friendly Automatic CPAP Machine
  • Bluetooth Capable for Android/iPhone App
  • Simplistic and Motivational Data Management
  • Exhalation Pressure Relief
  • Leak Compensation and Altitude Adjustment
  • Ramp Feature
  • Smart Humidification - automatically adjusting moisture delivery when the humidifier target time is enabled.
  • Humidifier uses tap or distilled water - when using tap water, periodic maintenance is required
  • Easy airport screening
  • The intuitive color touch screen offers quick setup and easy navigation
  • 12 mm diameter flexible tubing takes up 58% less space than another tubing

Please note:  It is not recommended to run your DreamStation Go with Humidifier while on DC power.

Default Settings: 

Auto    5 - 20 cm H20
Opti-Start    On
Smart Ramp   Off
Ramp Time    20 minutes
Ramp Pressure    4 cm H20
Flex Setting   Off
Flex Level   2
Tube Type   12 mm


Review By Pam Schmidt RRT, RCP
Registered Respiratory Therapist for Respshop

Traveling can be a hassle when using CPAP. It’s such a hassle that many of my clients will leave their CPAP at home. With the DreamStation GO Travel CPAP, you will not need to suffer any longer. The DreamStation GO has similar features to your full-size machine; you were using at your home, but only at half the size. So, go ahead and pack this 6x6x2 CPAP in your carry-on bag, and you’re off!

There is no surprise that my clients love traveling with the DreamStation Go. The travel-friendly, lightweight, minimal sound CPAP makes traveling easy and relaxing. I will show you how well Phillips has designed this unit, so it meets all your needs even while traveling.

Not only is the DreamStation Go smaller, but it also comes with some neat travel-friendly options. Some of these options are as followed: USB port, Battery, which is sold separately,  and a slim, easy to pack 12mm microtube that will fit any CPAP mask. Take advantage of this great feature because not all travel CPAP machines offer tubing that can fit any mask!

Phillips has recently added humidification to the Dreamstation Go. The new Humidifier is lightweight, very portable, and you can even use tap water (in moderation). I prefer my clients still to use distilled water or bottled water, but know it can be an option.

What can be more frustrating than when you leave your CPAP power cord at home. Well, rest assure the DreamStation Go comes with an integrated USB port on its side. No frustrations anymore; just use your USB cord, which allows my clients to plug the DreamStation Go into their tablets, smartphones, or any other USB-powered device. So, leave your wall adapter at home and still be able to get your nights' rest!

Now, if only my power cord would reach the outlet when sleeping in hotels. This next feature will have you guessing no more! The DreamStation Go APAP has a more extended power cord option. These 10 feet power cords, instead of the standard 6-foot cord is available for purchase. Along with the longer power cord, the DreamStation Go also sells a World Traveler Power Adapter Plug to help with your travel needs abroad.

Isn't this DreamStation Go Travel CPAP not the right choice for you? If your still not persuaded, then look at these next features:

  • The flex pressure relief is available just like your home PAP device. This comfort feature stays with you while you're traveling to make falling asleep in a strange place easy, more natural, just as if you're home in your bed. My clients choose to use the pressure relief option to help them fall and stay asleep, especially when traveling.
  • The Touch Screen display gives your DreamStation Go CPAP the sleekness it needs to travel. No cumbersome buttons to deal with that might get caught or broke in your backpack or suitcase. It just offers an easy way to navigate through your settings the same way you would if using your smartphone.

In my opinion, what's not to love when looking at the DreamStation Go Travel CPAP. The available features sure will make your life on the road merely easy, relaxing, and comfortable. So, go ahead and take a look, I am sure the DreamStation Go Travel CPAP will not disappoint. 



Does this machine meet FAA standards?

Yes, the does in fact meet the Federal Aviation Administration requirements(FAA).

Can I adjust the settings of my machine on the machine itself, or do I have to do it on my iPhone?

Your settings can be adjusted on the machine itself however it must be done by a technician or your physician.

Can I use a waterless humidification system like an HME with DreamStation Go?

There are a number of heat moisture exchangers (HME) available on the market to support waterless humidification. While there is nothing preventing you from using an HME with DreamStation Go system, we cannot vouch for their effectiveness.

Return on warranty issues only.

DreamStation Go Auto Travel CPAP  
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