ResPlus Auto CPAP Machine with Heated Humidifier by Beyond Medical - Refurbished

ResPlus Auto CPAP Machine with Heated Humidifier by Beyond Medical - Refurbished

Model: C-20A-Refurbished
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Normal worn (small scratches on device and power supply/cord)

  • Total Running Hours as of 06/2022: 0 hours
  • New tubing
  • New filters
  • 90-day warranty
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ResPlus Auto CPAP Machine - Refurbished

Introducing the ResPlus Auto CPAP Machine by Beyond Medical. The ResPlus is a two in one machine as it has both the CPAP mode and the Auto CPAP mode operational ability. Whether your prescription is for a fixed pressure or a range of pressures, the ResPlus is the machine for you.

This device is an awesome work horse and can also be used to travel with once you remove the humidifier. If you need a back up CPAP for your cottage, your Rig or for your work trips, the ResPlus CPAP can be reduced in size by one half due to the detachable humidifier. One push of a button and you have two pieces. Easy to pack for that quick trip.

Everything is simple and user friendly on the ResPlus. The simple one touch on/off button makes it easy for the user to begin and end their CPAP therapy. Activate the Auto on feature so it automatically starts for you but we suggest you leave off the Auto Off for safety reasons. I like that you can operate this feature separately. If you were to stop breathing the machine would NOT stop if you leave the Auto Off feature turned to off

Finally, a water chamber large enough for two nights of use! If you like a higher humidification but dislike the chamber running dry – ResPlus has you covered! Always use distilled water for the cleanest humidification and water chamber longevity. You simply open the humidity chamber and remove the Water Chamber, fill it via the hole at the top so no need to open the water chamber until you are ready to clean it. 

The large, 3.5” color LCD screen is a great feature. No need to grab your reading glasses to change your comfort features on the ResPlus. Other great features are Ramp and Belex.The Belex features functions to reduce the pressure on exhalation and have 3 levels to reduce that pressure.  We suggest you leave this OFF unless you speak to your physician first. All comfort features can be adjusted to your specific needs. The Ramp can be set at a low pressure for up to one hour if you have trouble tolerating the high fixed pressure of your prescription. 

*The provided SD Card will automatically collect your data. You will need to take the card with you to see your physician so they can download the info for you or you can also put the SD Card in your computer and report will auto generate. 

Key Features:

  • Detachable humidifier, machine can run without humidifier attached
  • Belex - Reduces expiratory pressure (similar to EPR from ResMed)
  • Quiet Design: < 30dBA
  • 3.5" Colorful LCD Screen - Vivid display
  • Auto On and Auto Off - can be set separately
  • Real-time data monitoring
  • Automatic altitude adjustment
  • Automatic leakage compensation
  • Power saving mode
  • Adjustable Time, Date and Brightness
  • Failure Alarms 
  • Ramp Feature
  • SpO2 port option
  • TF card interface option 
  • Data card port
  • Easy to fill humidifier

Reviewed by Susan CSSC

Certified Sleep Science Coach

So, it might not be pretty, and a bit on the larger size, BUT you know what, it works great! I have been using this device for a few nights now and I LOVE it.

This machine is sturdy and super quiet, a true work horse among CPAP machines and it does the job well.

Let’s talk about some of the great features on this CPAP and some of the reasons why I like it so much. First, it is very quiet. It was comfortable and quiet to use, no issues at all. It uses German technology with a high-quality blower and durable fan blades with a silenced air channel. My second favorite feature is that I can turn on the Auto/On feature ON and keep the Auto/OFF feature turned off. I don’t like having the Auto/Off in the ON position because if I were to stop breathing, I don’t want my APAP/CPAP to turn itself off. That’s a big deal. My third favorite feature is the Failure Alarm. The alarm gives you valuable information on the functionality of your device. It will let you know of power failure, low voltage, airway blockage, high leak, humidification failure and SD card is full. Now that’s a lot of valuable info! You can mute the alarm by simply pressing the button.

I love that the humidifier is separate because this will allow you to travel simply with just the host machine if you want to, making it less bulky. That also allows you to clean the humidifier easily as well. The water chamber can easily be removed, just pour water into the top, once removed. No need to open and close the water chamber. Easy-Peasy.

Another add-on feature is the SP02 and intended to be used for continuous, non-invasive arterial oxygen saturation and pulse rate monitoring for adults. Contact one of our respiratory therapists for info on this feature.

Other features include a large display, easy to read and goes dark when done. Intelligent pressure titration providing stable pressure. Data monitoring for 24 hours in real time with display.

In conclusion, if you are just looking for a good price on a great PAP Device, this could work for you. Nice machine!

Model C-20A-Refurbished
HCPCS Code E0601, E0562
  • ResPlus CPAP machine
  • Integrated heated humidifier (inserted)
  • Durable carrying bag
  • Standard 6 ft CPAP Tubing
  • 4G micro SD memory card (inserted)
  • Power supply cords
  • Air filters
  • User manual
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