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ResMed AirSense/AirCurve 10 AirView Data Reading Service

Model: AirView
ResMed AirSense/AirCurve 10 AirView Data Reading Service
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AirView is a revolutionary data management system that consolidates all the information you need via the cloud. A built in wireless modem uses cell towers and enables you to connect seamlessly with AirView, a cloud-based data management system. AirView provides true full time monitoring with actionable data that your healthcare provider and RespShop customer service team can utilize, in order to provide you with the best CPAP therapy. With AirView, your healthcare provider can easily track key data points like Usage, Leaks, Mask Information, and more at any time.

Remote Data Management

Want help analyzing and setting up your sleep apnea therapy data and information? Look no further than AirView from ResMed! In any AirSense 10 machine, you can upload all of your therapy data to the cloud via the AirView data management system. This allows you to access your information remotely and enables you to share all of your sleep therapy data and statistics with your physician or CPAP technician.

Wireless Connection

AirView can be used without any connecting wires: all you have to do is enable AirView taking it out of airplane mode. This will allow you to share all of your data remotely and without you needing to send any information yourself. If you don't want your information saved for any reason, you can always put your machine in airplane mode and it will not save your data.


AirView is capable of sending out email notifications based on patient behavior ensuring healthy habits. Furthermore the wireless connection enables AirView to assess the condition of your machine, and provides remote trouble-shooting without leaving your home.

U.S. Only

At this time, we can only offer the AirView data management service to our customers in the United States.

Data Plan

Patients will be given a data plan lasting through the year 2019.
ResMed reserves the right to terminate your access to ResMed Data Products
if not used for six (6) months.

Key Features

  • Remote Trouble-Shooting - Able to assess device and trouble shoot without leaving the house
  • Full-Time Monitoring - Access data anytime via AirView, send emails to stay on track
  • Actionable Data - Tracks important data like Usage, Leaks, Mask Information etc.

Reviewers Tip:

AirView can be remotely controlled allowing RespShop's team of technicians to access your device and fix common issues directly. You won't even have to leave the comfort of your home! Your machine must be registered with the AirView service to be diagnosed.


Do I need to purchase AirView to fully utilize my AirSense device?

No you do not need AirView to maximize the therapeutic properties of the AirSense. AirView is simply a tool to streamline your data and integrate key features. You can still access your data via an SD card.

Does AirView violate my privacy?

No, AirView records the data on your sleep apnea therapy only. It does not record any sort of miscellaneous information, and you can access AirView to see exactly what it records.

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