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SoClean CPAP Sanitizer and Cleaner

SoClean CPAP Sanitizer and Cleaner

SoClean CPAP Sanitizer and Cleaner
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by Tony L
Date Added: Wednesday 26 December, 2018
I notice some of the negative reviews are from non-owners...who allows that? Only actual owners should review! Personally, I love mine! I have had it for a month or so, and can tell such a difference in the way my sinuses feel after sleeping. Yes, the ozone smell is a little weird when you first start your unit, but goes away within a few seconds, and then the air smells "clean." I am so glad I added this to my Resmed Air Sense 10!

by Charles B
Date Added: Monday 09 July, 2018
Am really impressed with the easy of disinfecting daily and the ease of use highly recommend it should be sold at the same time a CPAP machine is sold.

by Mae C
Date Added: Saturday 24 March, 2018
Cliff note version:
Very loud when cleaning, like drown out the TV loud. Thankfully it's only for about 12 minutes
Cannot put the nose piece in the SoClean because the ozone smell makes me absolutely nauseous.
I wash that piece by hand.
After it cleans, I let the CPAP run for an hour to "air" out the smell from the hose.
I love the concept, but not the price (I had to buy another additional 20.00 adapter on top of the $300) nor do I like the ozone smell, but clean is clean. I gave it two stars because it is somewhat easy and I like knowing that nasty mutant microbes are not living in my DME.
Would I buy it again ...... not for that price.

by Doris P
Date Added: Tuesday 05 December, 2017
This looks very interesting and useful. I am considering buying it.

BUT The word is disassemble, not dissemble.

I checked my unabridged internet-linked dictionary, and
"Dissemble" is defined as "to conceal one's real motive, emotions etc. by pretence"

by Tony B
Date Added: Thursday 19 January, 2017
I've decided not to pay the huge price tag for a machine that only kills bacteria. A soapy solution does the same thing. This machine has mixed Youtube review, many say there is an odor after cleaning and some say you still have to clean the mask cushion, as it will not remove facial oils from the cushion with just circulation O2 through the tubes, I'll stick with wipes and soapy water. I have Anthem Insurance and they pay 100% of CPAP costs and they have stated that this machine will likely never be covered under insurance as it is a luxury item and not a medically needed item. Way to expensive for the draw backs people are stating.

by Doug J
Date Added: Saturday 21 May, 2016
The machine does a great job. I got allergies after using a cpap for awhile. I got rid of the allergies after using the SoClean. The only negative I have is the latch on the SoClean case is very poorly made. Mine broke after a year or 2. It is made of plastic but should be made of metal.

Displaying 7 to 12 (of 13 reviews)