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Respironics DreamStation Auto CPAP Machine

Respironics DreamStation Auto CPAP Machine
[DSX500T11, DSX500H11, DSX500S11]

Respironics DreamStation Auto CPAP Machine
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by Evan S
Date Added: Saturday 10 February, 2018
This machine is HUGE and has awkward footprint which makes it hard to fit on my nightstand. The power supply is also huge. The worst thing about it though is that even though the machine is quiet, when you breathe in an out you hear a wheezing noise through the humidifier which is VERY loud. Also the hose placement out of the machine is bad. And there is no way to turn off the machine, it just goes into a "sleep" mode. I had to unplug it. I lasted two awful nights on it.

by Robby W
Date Added: Friday 26 January, 2018
I have had my DreamStation Auto CPAP with humidifier for about a year now and am very satisfied with it. I previously owned 3 different RemStars, including a BiPAP version. The DreamStation has been quiet and durable for me. I use it religiously every night. The auto pressure feature has helped me by keeping the pressure as low as possible while still letting me sleep properly. Exhale relief has been very good without the shuddering I got with some of the RemStars.

I rarely put water in the humidifier, using it only when we have a very dry condition. Even then, I only put water in it - I don't turn the heat on. Living in So. California, it is sufficient for my needs. We don't get really cold nights, so puddling isn't an issue for me. I find loading the water is a bit of a pain, but not really a problem. I have used the unit without the humidifier attached and there is some increase in noise, so I usually leave the humidifier attached. It is very quiet in normal use.

I travel freq

by Rick K
Date Added: Saturday 09 December, 2017
I have been a CPAP user for over 15 years. I had to get a new machine due to obsolescence of my original machine. The only machine my provider carries is the DeamStation. I am very disappointed with the humidifier on this machine. For a large percentage of the time the humidifier makes a high pitched whine. I assume it is some kind of air leak. I know it is coming from the humidifier because if i connect directly to the CPAP I don't hear this noise. The noise is loud enough that it wakes my wife up and keeps me from sleeping. I returned the unit to my device supplier. They confirmed the noise and replaced the humidifier yesterday. The new humidifier worked fine for about the first hour but then it too developed the whine. The representative at the my supplier said they have heard the complaint from other clients so I assume this is a generic problem with this machine. I have also seen some similar complaints of this nature on the web. I feel stuck with this device. I was going to chang

by Bob N
Date Added: Monday 13 November, 2017
I'm having the same problem as mentioned above.Exhaling is like a speed bump. Very disturbing and hard to sleep with. It's really random...I'll try to take it back. I've had a number of CPAPS over the past 25 years and this is the worst.

Date Added: Saturday 02 September, 2017
I am a new patient to CPAP and I was prescribed this machine. I have had no problems as of right now. The communication between iOS also my desktop has been great and helpful. The machine itself is not a eyesore and is super quiet. The humidifier is beyond helpful and makes wearing this much less noticeable. I also enjoy that I have the cell card installed so my doctor can view and/or make changes from their end.

by Bryan M
Date Added: Thursday 05 January, 2017
I'm having issues with my dreamstation since I got it in October 2016. No luck with humidity settings.
I'm about the return the whole thing or toss it outside in the snow.
Fixed setting #1 has no humidity
Fixed setting #2 floods the tube and then wakes me up. Water in the mask also after 2-3hrs of use.
Adaptive settings up to #5 supplies no humidity. Get severe dry mouth after 3+hrs of use. Can go days without seeing any water being used in the reservoir with using it 3-4hrs each night.

A month ago supply company replaced the reservoir assuming it wasn't heating properly and gave me a heated tube.
Heated tubing seems to activate the adaptive settings and I still get severe dry mouth at humidity setting #5, even when turning tube heat to 0.

Displaying 13 to 18 (of 26 reviews)