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ResMed Airtouch F20 Full Face Mask Foam Cushion

ResMed Airtouch F20 Full Face Mask Foam Cushion
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ResMed Airtouch F20 Full Face Mask Foam Cushion
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by Janice M
Date Added: Friday 24 May, 2019
After trying 3 other options, I finally found this mask that FITS! It adjusts to my face not the other way around. I am very satisfied with this mask.

by James J
Date Added: Tuesday 02 April, 2019
ResMed Airtouch F20 Full Face Mask Foam Cushion is very comfortable and easy to clean. I always get fast and good service from Respshop.

by Gary S
Date Added: Tuesday 29 May, 2018
On year 5 of CPAP and have tried a variety of masks. The Airtouch F20 works the best as I now sleep through the whole night. Before the silicone mask would leak and wake me. I REALLY like this mask. The price is a bit steep especially replacing it every 30 days. This is by far the best product I've had the opportunity to use for CPAP. Thank You RESMED!

by Grant S
Date Added: Friday 30 March, 2018
I left a 1 star review last year for the F20 mask and wish I could go back and change it, but I don't seem to have that ability. I have been struggling with masks for the last two years and this is the mask that has helped me the most. The foam cushion took me a little while to get used to, BUT after a little trial and error, I really grew to like this mask. Don't wash the face cushion with soap and water, get some antibacterial wipes and wipe it down and it will last. I bought the mask in the middle of 2017 and am now replacing the face mask (7 months later). The foam will rip and get dirty after a while, but if you keep up with the cleaning, it should last. The top part that fits around my nose is still too narrow and goes too high on the bridge of my nose, but I have gotten used to it. This mask has really helped me break through my frustrations with my CPAP therapy.

by Jennifer W
Date Added: Wednesday 20 December, 2017
This is far and away the best mask I have ever had. I had leakage with other masks. I do not with this mask. If you only wear your mouthpiece for one month the foam does not get too nasty. Do not go to bed with make up on else you run the risk of ruining said mask faster. i have found you can clean the foam with a little soap and water.

by Mary S
Date Added: Friday 01 December, 2017
No way to clean the foam F20 mask and does not fit a female. Called Resmed, the F20 in pink is for a female and blue is for male but they are identical in size and fit and are now called "unisex". All CPAP masks are made using a male model for head and do not fit females.

Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 reviews)