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Oximeter & Oximetry

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Oximeters and Oximetry

Our inventory of oximeters and oximetry equipment provides a convenient, compact and reliable way to accurately monitor the blood-oxygen saturation levels (SpO2) and pulse rate for those undergoing CPAP or bi-level therapy. The careful monitoring of your oxygen saturation levels in your blood is a necessary step in sleep apnea therapy as it enables you to receive better overall care from your physician. We offer complete oximetry kits, oximetry modules, oximetry adapters and compact pulse oximeters from some of the most trusted brands physicians turn to time and again, including AG Industries, ResMed and more.

Our reliable oximetry kits come complete with an oximeter, a sensor clip, cable, reusable soft sensor and an oximetry adaptor that connects the oximeter to a CPAP or bi-level machine. Unlike older models, this kit reports accurate blood oxygen saturation levels of patients without the need to provide a blood sample. Designed for comfort and convenience, the results can be stored remotely, which allows your doctor to access your information quickly and easily and make any necessary adjustments to your treatment plan.

In addition to complete oximetry kits, we have oximetry adapters and modules that are compatible with various CPAP and bi-level machines. These adapters and modules are created to easily attach to existing CPAP machines as a way to receive and record oxygen levels for physicians to be able to monitor. Pertinent information is safely stored on a SD card.

For those searching for the latest in technologically advanced and easy-to-use pulse oximeters, you have come to the right place. Our collection of color LED pulse oximeters feature units that are impressively compact enough to be kept in a pocket and are loaded with such features as easy-to-read bi-color OLED display, programmed with six display modes, an auto off feature to save batteries, weak battery indicator and more.