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Home Sleep Apnea Study Test

Home Sleep Apnea Study Test

Home Sleep Apnea Study Test
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Date Added: Wednesday 21 November, 2018
My experience was not bad. and The DR's feed back was good as well.

by Timothy H
Date Added: Tuesday 26 December, 2017
So I order a sleep test one week ago. The agent reviewed my address four times. I corrected four times. Its not a complex address its La Brea......If we cannot get the address right for $550 how is the study supposed to be correct?

Called to complain no one answers. I think maybe there are four older call center operators in muumuu's around a billiard table rolling dice to see if you have a problem or not. I wonder how the dice will roll for me?

by Mark J
Date Added: Monday 03 July, 2017
Simple and easy to set up, use, and send back. Results came back withing 2 days. Good communication from contracted sleep business that provides the equipment.

by Donald S
Date Added: Friday 27 March, 2015
I couldn't afford a sleep study test at the sleep centre so I decided to go with this option. It took some time to get to me but after I took the test I received my results and had my doctor set me up for a cpap machine. Now my sleep is better and I wake up with more energy thanks to this more affordable option. I would tell anybody to use this if you can't afford the standard sleep test.

Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 reviews)