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Respironics CPAP Tubing Wrap - 22mm

Respironics CPAP Tubing Wrap - 22mm

Respironics CPAP Tubing Wrap - 22mm

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Eliminate Rain Out with Respironics Tubing Wrap

Insulate any six-foot CPAP and BiPAP tubing with this soft fleece tubing wrap from Respironics. Dripping water and noise from your hose are the last things you need when you're trying to get some shut-eye, and this durable wrap makes them a thing of the past. It fastens to your hose with a nylon cord and Velcro attachments for a secure fit. If you use a heated humidifier but keep your room on the cool side, condensation buildup can be a big issue. This wrap allows you to enjoy your humidification system without making any adjustments to your bedtime routine.

Key Features

  • Cozy Fleece - comfortable fabric won't irritate you if it brushes against your skin
  • Versatile - use it with any brand of six-foot tubing
  • Reduces Rain Out - perfect for heated humidification use

Reviewers Tip:

Even if condensation is not a concern for you, this wrap makes your tubing more comfortable and reduces noise.

How To Insert Tubing into Tubing Wrap

Cover one end of your tubing with plastic wrap and insert it into the Respironics Tubing Wrap. This will reduce the friction and allow the wrap to slide over the hose easily. Please remove plastic before connecting your tubing to the device!


What materials is this tubing wrap made from?

The Respironics Tubing Wrap is made from soft fleece with nylon and Velcro attachments.

Will this fit on my tubing?

Any six-foot tubing is compatible with the Respironics Tubing Wrap.



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