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Respironics 6ft Performance Tubing

Respironics 6ft Performance Tubing

Respironics 6ft Performance Tubing
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Respironics Performance CPAP Tubing is Lighter and More Flexible

All tubing is not created equal: This six-foot tubing from Respironics offers a lighter alternative to your standard CPAP tubing. Not only does it weigh 20% less than its standard counterpart; Respironics Performance Tubing is also much more flexible. If you use a smaller mask or have issues with your current tubing pulling on your mask while you sleep, this product offers a solution. The light and flexible design means less pulling, which results in fewer air leaks that wake you up in the middle of the night. Kick your standard tubing to the curb and see the difference Respironics Performance Tubing can make.

Key Features

  • Light Construction - weights 20% less than standard CPAP tubing
  • Flexible Design - less likely to pull on your mask and create air leaks
  • Fully Compatible - use this tubing with your current mask and machine

Reviewers Tip:

Try this product if your current tubing pulls on your mask.

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How much does this tubing weigh?

Respironics Performance Tubing weighs four ounces and is 20% lighter than standard tubing.

Is this tubing compatible with my mask and machine?

Yes; Respironics tubing is designed to be compatible with all CPAP, APAP, and BiPAP machines and masks regardless of manufacturer.

What is the inside diameter (circle) of this tubing?
The inside diameter of the main circle of this tubing is 22mm

Technical Data

  HCPCS CodeA7037
  Dimensions6ft long, 22cm inner diameter
  Weight3.6 oz
  Warranty30 days