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HDM Z1/Z2 Tubing Adapter

HDM Z1/Z2 Tubing Adapter

HDM Z1/Z2 Tubing Adapter
HDM Z1/Z2 Tubing Adapter

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Replacement Tube Adapter for Z1/Z2 Travel CPAP Machine

This is the Replacement Tube Adapter for the Z1/Z2 Travel CPAP Machine, which connects the hose with the machine itself. This product only includes the adapter, and does not contain the hose, the machine, or any other product along with it.

Key Features

  • Compatible with Z1/Z2 Machine Only
  • Small and Lightweight

Reviewers Tip:

With proper maintenance, this piece should last at least three months.

Introducing the Z1 with PowerShell and Overnight Battery!


How often should I replace my adapter?

The adapter should work well for at least three months, and possibly much longer with regular maintenance.



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