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Fisher & Paykel 6 Ft CPAP Tube

Fisher & Paykel 6 Ft CPAP Tube

Fisher & Paykel 6 Ft CPAP Tube

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Fisher Paykel 6 Foot CPAP Tube

The length of a tube is a critical component in maximizing your sleep apnea therapy. If the tube is too short it can restrict the naturally comfortable positions you seek during sleep, and disrupt any movement during the night. This undoubtedly has a direct negative impact on the quality of your sleep, and sleep apnea therapy. This 6 foot tube ensures that you will have the extension you need for a comfortable night of sleep, and a quality sleep apnea therapy session.

Key Features

  • Lightweight, Universal Fit

Reviewers Tip:

This tube can be used on any CPAP device.


What CPAP machines are compatible with this tube?

This tube is compatible with any CPAP machine and has a traditional 22mm connectors.