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Respironics DreamStation Disposable Ultra-Fine Filter

Respironics DreamStation Disposable Ultra-Fine Filter

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Respironics DreamStation Disposable Ultra-Fine FilterRespironics DreamStation Disposable Ultra-Fine Filter

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The DreamStation Ultrafine Disposable Filter by Respironics is use for the new DreamStation CPAP machines . This filter comes with the light blue frame, and it can be use alone or with the DreamStation reusable filter . This filter is necessary for those who lives in a home with great amount of dust and those who live with pets. The ultra-fine filter will ensure that the air you are breathing throughout your therapy is dust free as possible. With this filter your CPAP machine is also protected against the dust so it runs longer.

You have to change your filter once a month or depends on how dusty the air in you house.


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