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SoClean Injection Hose Assembly

SoClean Injection Hose Assembly

SoClean Injection Hose Assembly
SoClean Injection Hose Assembly SoClean Injection Hose Assembly SoClean Injection Hose Assembly SoClean Injection Hose Assembly

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The SoClean replacement Injection Hose assembly includes:  Check Valve, Injection Fitting and Tubing.  The Check Valve prevents water in the CPAP humidifier water chamber from backing up into the SoClean machine.  If at any time water can be seen in the clear tube (Check Valve), replace immediately.  It should be replaced every 6 months or the SoClean display shows the "Order Filter Kit" message.  

Replacing The Check Valve Assembly

  1. Remove old Check Valve

  • Grasp the barrel of your current Check Valve firmly, and pull the tubing away from the barrel stem.  It may be neccessay to use a twisting motion to free the tubing from the stem.

  • After one side of the tubing has been disconnected from the Check Valve, repeat step A to disconnect the tubing from the other side.

             2.  Position new Check Valve

  • The direction of your new Check Valve is critical.  your SoClean will not work if it is    installed facing the wrong direction.  The end of your new Check Valve has a label with two arrows that should be positioned away from your SoClean and closest to your CPAP machine.

            3.  Install new Check Valve

  • Your Check Valve should be facing the correct direction, grasp the barrel and insert the stem as far as possible into the end of the tubing.  The tubing should be nearly touching the barrel of the Check Valve.  A thin film of dish soap on the stem can be used to help, if necessary.

  • Repeat above step for the remaining side of the Check Valve

Return on warranty issues only.

Technical Data

  HCPCS CodeE1399
  LengthApprox. 6-ft tubing
  Weight2.4 oz

Item Includes

  • Injection Fitting
  • 6 ftTubing
  • Check Valve  

Instructions from the manufacturer:

Installing the Injection Fitting –With Heated Humidifier

1. Disconnect the main hose from the reservoir of your CPAP machine.

2. Position the injection fitting onto the port of your reservoir, allowing the smaller hose to enter into and rest on or near the bottom of the reservoir.

3. It may be necessary to trim off some of this smaller hose to achieve the best fit.

Note: If you experience difficulty inserting the small hose into the reservoir, please visit our page to see how this can be done with a number of different style humidifiers.


Installing the Injection Fitting –Without Heated Humidifier

1. If you are currently not using a humidifier, remove this short length of hose by pulling it straight off, then attach the fitting directly to the port on your CPAP machine.

2. Reconnect the main CPAP hose to the top of the injection fitting.


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