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Respironics Premium Chin Strap

Respironics Premium Chin Strap

Respironics Premium Chin Strap
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Respironics Premium Chin Strap Secures Mouth and Prevents Air Leaks

Promote nasal breathing and prevent air leaks through the mouth with the Respironics Premium Chin Strap. By gently holding the mouth closed, this chin strap provides a comfortable solution to unwanted mouth breathing. Use the Premium Chin Strap in tandem with your nasal CPAP mask and get the therapy you need without having to resort to a full face mask. The adjustable design ensures a stable fit so you can focus less on your CPAP mask and more on getting a restful sleep.

Key Features

  • Chin Cup Integration - comfortable chin cup supports and gently holds mouth closed
  • Adjustability - includes adjustable strap for a secure fit
  • Promotes Nasal Breathing - prevents air leaks through the mouth

Reviewers Tip:

If you tend to breathe through your mouth but dislike full face masks, this chin strap used with a nasal mask may provide relief.

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Is this chin strap machine washable?

The Respironics Premium Chin Strap can be machine washed in cold on the gentle cycle and line dried. However, we recommend hand washing your strap to extend its lifespan.

What type of mask should I use a chin strap with?

Chin straps work best when used with nasal masks, as they hold the mouth closed and encourage breathing to be done through the nose.


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