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CPAP Mask Tube Replacements

Make your CPAP machine more comfortable for nightly use with the help of these CPAP mask tube replacements from While many CPAP masks and machines come equipped with a long tube, this isn't necessary for many users who keep the setup close to their beds. A CPAP mask tube features a shorter length to eliminate the extra hose length you don't need. Instead, you'll have a shorter CPAP tube that's perfectly suited to your needs. Finally, you can say goodbye to dealing with unwanted hosing getting tangled up or pulled while you're trying to sleep. A shorter tube makes hooking up your CPAP machine quick and easy so you can get comfortable and fall asleep comfortably.

Another issue that's solved by a shorter CPAP mask tube is the issue of hosing weight. Even lightweight hoses can feel heavy when the tube is especially long. These short CPAP tubes are made with a lightweight material that you'll barely even notice is there. And with less extra tubing to wrangle, your mask will be directly connected to your machine rather than being separated by a few feet of hosing weighing you down. Besides the lighter weight, you'll also find that a shorter mask tube is easier to keep clean compared to longer hoses. That means less time spent sanitizing your CPAP setup and more time getting some shuteye.

When shopping for your CPAP mask tube, keep in mind which features would make your CPAP setup even more comfortable. For example, many of these CPAP replacement tubes feature a swivel hookup. This allows the tube to be more versatile depending on your position while you sleep. When combined with a flexible hose, these tubes will be very accommodating throughout the night. Many of these short CPAP tubes also feature universal hookups. Browse the full selection here to find a great fit for your needs. With a shorter tube, you can simplify your life day after day and enjoy more restful sleep.