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Respironics EasyLife Mask Headgear

Respironics EasyLife Mask Headgear

Respironics EasyLife Mask Headgear
Respironics EasyLife Mask Headgear Respironics EasyLife Mask Headgear

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Respironics EasyLife Mask Headgear

The EasyLife headgear is made to support your EasyLife mask, and it comes with two sizes to suit your specific facial structure. The headgear itself is also easily adjustable providing you with the personalization you need to find the comfort and performance you want.


The EasyLife headgear is easily adjustable and provides additional support to the mask. The headgear can be combined with optional headgear clips that work together to provide a personalized fit. The straps combine in the back to improve overall stability and strength.


Respironics has provided two sizes in order to better suit your needs. Each size can be combined with any version of the EasyFit Mask. The smaller headgear comes packaged with the Petite EasyLife while the EasyLife comes package with the standard size headgear.

Key Features

  • Versatility
  • Sizing

Reviewers Tip:

Remember the headgear sizes can fit any EasyLife mask.

Introduction to EasyLife


Does the EasyLife headgear use velcro?

Yes the headgear uses velcro to securely attach the mask to your face.

What sizes does the headgear come in?

It comes in two sizes, standard and reduced size.


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