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Headgear for SleepWeaver Cloth CPAP Nasal Mask

Headgear for SleepWeaver Cloth CPAP Nasal Mask

Headgear for SleepWeaver Cloth CPAP Nasal Mask

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Headgear for SleepWeaver Cloth CPAP Nasal Mask

The SleepWeaver headgear is constructed with a soft cloth and the simple design promotes an easy fit and removal process. The lightweight headgear is ergonomic and comfortable ensuring a hassle free night of sleep apnea therapy.


Adjustability is a significant component with the SleepWeaver headgear. The adjustment strap ensures easy adjustments on each side and at the top of the head in order to fit the unique facial structure of each individual. You can adjust up to 4 inches easily.

Soft and Durable

The SleepWeaver is constructed with soft and durable forehead and neck components that draw heat and moisture away from the skin. The attachment design ensures a strong hold, but remains easy to attach and detach.

Key Features

  • Adjustable
  • Soft and Durable

Reviewers Tip:

The SleepWeaver is perfect for those who prefer to sleep on their sides or back.

Fitting your SleepWeaver Mask


Do I have to detach the headgear from the mask in order to clean it?

No, you can actually wash the entire headgear and mask in the washing machine. It is recommended you place the headgear and mask in a delicates bag before machine washing.