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Respironics Optilife Mask Headgear

Respironics Optilife Mask Headgear

Respironics Optilife Mask Headgear

Replacement Headgear Piece for Respironics OptiLife

The OptiLife Headgear -- which includes a chin strap -- is a replacement headgear band and chin strap intended for use with the OptiLife Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask.

Replacement Headgear

The headgear straps are adjustable and don't feature any inconvenient buckles or clips. The straps are soft and will fit on your face comfortably without leaving stretch marks or blemishes.

Chin Strap

The chin strap is made of the same velcro-like material as the headgear. The strap attaches to the mask adjacent to the point where the headgear straps meet the tubular connector. The strap tucks comfortably underneath your chin for enhanced stability and performance.

Key Features

  • Includes Chin Strap
  • Latex Free
  • Clear View

Reviewers Tip:

Headgear needs to be replaced roughly every three months: if you're noticing leaks and you haven't changed your headgear in a while, you may need a replacement.

OptiLife from Respironics


Can I purchase this without the chin strap?

No, the chin strap comes with the headgear.

Does this come with replacement nasal pillows?

This is the mask and chin strap only: it does not come with any other product.