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ResMed Forehead Support for Mirage Quattro™ Full Face Mask

ResMed Forehead Support for Mirage Quattro™ Full Face Mask

ResMed Forehead Support for Mirage Quattro TM Full Face Mask

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Forehead Support for Mirage Quattro CPAP Mask

The forehead support for the Mirage Quattro Full Face CPAP Mask is a plastic forehead attachment for ResMed's Mirage Quattro Full Face Mask. The attachment is only compatible with the first model of the Mirage Quattro, and will not attach to subsequent iterations or other ResMed masks.

Replacement Forehead Support

This accessory is intended to be used as a replacement support for the original piece that came when you first purchased your mask. This is the support only: it does not include the forehead pad.

Part of Quattro Headgear System

The Quattro's strapped headgear is unobtrusive, and is great for people who like to sleep on either their side or their back. It features detachable headgear clips that can be applied or taken off in a second.

Key Features

  • Replacement Forehead Piece
  • Easy to Attach
  • Prevents Leaks
Reviewers Tip:

If you've lost or damaged your current forehead support, purchasing a replacement support is cheaper and just as effective as replacing the entire mask.

Overview and Fitting the ResMed Quattro


Which version of the Quattro is this headgear attachment compatible with?

The original only. It will not fit onto subsequent models of the Quattro.


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