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ResMed Ultra Mirage II CPAP Nasal Mask Cushion

ResMed Ultra Mirage II CPAP Nasal Mask Cushion

16556, 16735, 16557
ResMed Ultra Mirage II CPAP Nasal Mask Cushion
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Replacement Cushion for Comfortable Nasal CPAP Mask

This is the replacement cushion for the Ultra Mirage and Ultra Mirage II nasal masks. Any size cushion can be used on the mask frame, so you should choose whichever cushion fits you best, regardless of the size you bought initially.


The standard cushion will fit most users. Users with flat nose bridges may prefer to use the shallow cushion, which has less of a curve at the nasal bridge. Shalow-wide cushions are intended for users with wide and flat noses.

Ultra Mirage

The Ultra Mirage and Ultra Mirage II are both ergonomically designed with wraparound headgear and dual layered cushions. The inner layer of hte cushion provides stability, while the outer membrane is soft and provides a seal without clamping against your face.

Key Features

  • Replacement Cushion
  • Four Different Sizes
  • Seals Effectively

Reviewers Tip:

Regardless of what size you ordered initially with your mask, each Mirage mask is compatible with every sized cushion. So, if you bought a standard cushion initially but feel that a shallow-wide would fit better, you can purchase the shallow-wide cushion and it will fit perfectly onto your current mask.

How to Recognize a Poor Mask Fit


I have the original Ultra Mirage: will the replacement cushion fit onto the old mask?

Yes, the cushions will fit both the Ultra Mirage and the newer Ultra Mirage II.

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