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ResMed Airtouch F20 Full Face Mask Foam Cushion

ResMed Airtouch F20 Full Face Mask Foam Cushion

63029, 63030, 63028
ResMed Airtouch F20 Full Face Mask Foam Cushion

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Extend the life of your CPAP mask with replacement cushion

The cushion for the ResMed AirTouch F20 CPAP Full Face Mask may need to be replaced periodically as this will guarantee better performance and by periodically it is recommended to be placed every 30 days. Select the appropriately sized cushion that fits your mask.


The AirTouch F20 is available in three different sizes, with face cushions built to accommodate each size. All size replacement cushions of the AirTouch F20 will fit on any F20 frame as they are all universal in fit. Best of all, if you would rather go with standard silicone piece of the AirFit F20 cushion then that will fit too.



  • Soft Cushion
  • Comfortable fit without stretch marks or sore spots
  • Similar to Memory Foam Pillow feel.

Reviewers Tip:

Replace your cushion every 30 days or so to ensure that the mask doesn't leak or slip off.


I bought a replacement mask but can't get it to fit.

The AirFit F20 and AirTouch F20 cushions are interchangeable with the Universal F20 Frame so if it does not fit, please be sure to check and make sure you ordered to proper model cushion for that listed mask. If it is a different model then it will not fit at all.

How often should I replace the cushion?

As long as your mask remains sealed, your cushions are probably in working order. When you notice your cushions start to show deterioration or loss of seal, they need to be replaced, as they will no longer fit around your face and will emit air. This cushion will generally need to be replaced after roughly 30 days of use. This replacement schedule is not your cup of tea? We recommend the traditional F20 Silicone cushion which has a usage life of up to 6 months or longer

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Technical Data

  HCPCS CodeA7031
  Weight2.73 oz approx.
  Warranty7 days
  Extra FeaturesUltra soft memory foam cushion