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ResMed Swift™ LT Rear Headgear Buckle

ResMed Swift™ LT Rear Headgear Buckle

ResMed Swift TM LT Rear Headgear Buckle
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Replacement Rear Headgear Buckle for CPAP Mask

The headgear buckle for the Swift LT CPAP Mask is a replacement rear buckle for the Swift's headgear piece. The buckle is blue, with two small vertical slits for the straps. This is a single buckle only, and does not come with any other mask parts.

Key Features

  • Great Replacement
  • Easy Set Up
  • Rear Buckle Attachment
Reviewers Tip:

This product is compatible with the Swift LT line of masks only: it is not built to attach to any other masks.

Active Cell Technology


Do I need to periodically replace the buckle?

Only if it's broken. The buckle won't inherently wear out on its own, so you should only need to replace it if you lose it or if it breaks.


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