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Bleep DreamPort - Mask - Headgear Free

Bleep DreamPort - Mask - Headgear Free

Bleep DreamPort - Mask - Headgear Free
30 Days CPAP Mask Free Trial
Bleep DreamPort - Mask - Headgear Free Bleep DreamPort - Mask - Headgear Free Bleep DreamPort - Mask - Headgear Free Bleep DreamPort - Mask - Headgear Free Bleep DreamPort - Mask - Headgear Free
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Bleep DreamPort Nasal CPAP Mask

The Bleep CPAP mask has a revolutionary design that does not require headgear or any straps to hold it in place making your sleep therapy even easier! Like no other masks on the market today there is no headgear, that means no more red marks and irritations on your face and no more need to adjust straps. There also is no need to worry about getting the wrong size anymore since one size fits everyone, including those with facial hair. Since there is no headgear, cushions, or straps, cleaning is a breeze. Sleep Apnea Patients can rejoice! Unlike a nasal pillow mask, the Bleep Mask does not go inside the nostrils and is very comfortable for your cpap therapy.


Designed to Fit Everyone


Due to its highly adjustable design directly attaches to your nostrils, the Bleep DreamPort CPAP Mask will fit anyone. It uses hypoallergenic adhesive ports for sticking onto your nostrils, and the glue is strong enough to hold up to 1 pound. Applying the DreamPort is easy; it’s basically two bandages that you need to place over your nose. The adhesives are strong enough to keep the mask on you for the whole night. If you have had trouble in the past trying to find a mask that fits, or find pillow masks uncomfortable, the Bleep DreamPort Solution CPAP Mask will be perfect for you.


No Adjusting Headgear or Straps


Due to the simplicity of the design, the Bleep Nasal Mask does not have any straps that can leave marks on your face and no headgear to adjust during use. There is no need to readjust your mask in the middle of the night because it has slipped around; this mask will stay in place all night providing you a good night's sleep. Most people stop using CPAP treatment due to an ill-fitting and uncomfortable mask, but the Bleep DreamPort Solution will assure you comfort so you can keep using your machine.




The Bleep mask is lightweight and flexible which allows you to sleep in any position, even on your stomach. It also consists of fewer parts than the typical nasal mask, since no headgear or straps are required. This is helpful when traveling since you don't have to worry about too many mask parts that could go missing. The entire mask will easily fit into your travel bag. The Bleep CPAP Mask is also simple to clean since there are no extra parts.


Bleep DreamPort Adhesive Strips


The Dreamport adhesive strips are made of latex-free medical grade 3M hypoallergenic surgical foam tape and are easy to peel off yet strong enough to hold up to one pound. The nasal ports are recyclable once you remove the adhesive tape. The DreamPort Adhesive Patches need to be replaced each night to ensure a good fit. Because the DreamPorts are so strong, there are little to no mask leaks or vent noises to disturb you or your partner.


  • No Headgear 
  • Not a Nasal Pillow so nothing in notrils 
  • Latex Free Medical Grade 3M Hypoallergenic Surgial tape

Reviewer’s Tip

The adhesives may come off during the night if your face is not properly cleaned of oil, makeup, or other obstructions. Try the DreamPrep pads for easy cleaning.


How often does the DreamWay need to be replaced?
The mask itself should be replaced every 3 months. The DreamPort adhesives with connectors are a nightly disposable and 1 box of 32 will last for 16 nights.

Is the DreamWay CPAP mask FDA approved?
Yes, it was approved on March 20, 2018 with 510(k) number K172335.

What are the adhesive materials?
They are made of 3M hypoallergenic surgical foam tape which are also used on many patient applications at the hospital and at home.

RX Required.

RX Required.

Technical Data

  HCPCS CodeA7034
  Weight1 ounce
  Extra FeaturesPressure levels 4-20 CM H2O; one size fits most

Item Includes

DreamWay Mask System
  1. One DreamPort Box of adhesives patches - lasts 16 nights
  2. 9-inch connecting tube with swivel
  3. Instructions Booklet


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