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FitLife CPAP Mask Total Face - Respironics

FitLife CPAP Mask Total Face - Respironics

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FitLife CPAP Mask Total Face - Respironics
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FitLife CPAP Mask Total Face - Respironics FitLife CPAP Mask Total Face - Respironics FitLife CPAP Mask Total Face - Respironics
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FitLife CPAP Mask - Philips Respironics


Reduces Facial Pressure

Introducing Respironics FitLife CPAP mask with headgear, this is an alternative option to traditional full face CPAP masks. Unlike most masks, the FitLife has an outer seal that wraps around the outside of your face, it equalizes pressures and distributes pressure away from your nose and cheeks and also minimizes eye irritation. As your CPAP, or Bipap machine's pressure flows, the mask's cushion will inflate as you breathe, creating a lasting and effective seal throughout the night.

Plush Cushion

The FitLife Total Face Mask comes with a comfortable cushion that doesn't compromise on performance. The cushion inflates as you breathe, sealing air effectively without rubbing against your skin, and therefore providing maximum comfort while still creating a robust seal.

Ergonomic Headgear

Get a great night of sleep apnea therapy with this comfortable FitLife total face CPAP mask. Respironics designed the FitLife's Headgear to fit you comfortably while stabilizing your mask. The headgear fits the back of your head snugly, with x-crossing straps designed to fit your head well without scratching or itching.

Simple Straps

Snap your FitLife into place in just a second with the easy-to-use snap clips. You won't need to readjust the fit of your mask when you take it on or off with these adjustable clips.

Who does this mask suit

This mask is great if you have facial hair, nasal bridge breakdown or sensitive facial features. These are all factors that can make it hard to find a perfect fitting and comfortable mask. This mask is best suited for these situations because the mask creates a great seal around the less pressure sensitive perimeter of the face. This total face CPAP mask is also very easy to remove and put back on again, and you won't have to keep readjusting your mask every time you take it off.

Key Features

  • Clear Line of Sight
  • No Nasal Pressure
  • Great for People Who Sleep on Their Back

Component Material

  • Faceplate: Polycarbonate
  • Cushion: Silicone
  • Elbow & Swivel: Polycarbonate
  • Headgear Clips: Acetal
  • Headgear: Urethane foam/Lycra

Reviewers Tip:

Users report that this mask can leak fairly heavily if you are a side sleeper, so make sure to tighten it up if you don't like falling asleep on your back.


Do I have to close my mouth with this mask?
No, the mask is designed for mouth breathers. If you do sleep only through your nose, you will be able to use a more minimal nasal mask.

Does the color of the headgear affect its performance?
The headgear comes in different colors, but all devices should perform exactly the same and you will be able to get a great fit quickly.

What is the advantage of a full face CPAP mask?
A full face mask will take pressure off of your nose and cheeks better than other masks. If you have a tough time getting masks to fit to your face, or if you're bothered by the feel of traditional masks, the FitLife's design may present a viable alternative. Because it grips to the outside of your face, you should feel less pressure and less claustrophobia.

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RX Required.

Technical Data

  HCPCS CodeA7030 A7035
  Warranty30 days
  Extra FeaturesPressure range 4-40 cm H20

Item Includes

  • FitLife Total Face Mask
  • Adjustable Headgear