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Oracle 452 Oral CPAP Mask - Fisher & Paykel

Oracle 452 Oral CPAP Mask - Fisher & Paykel

Oracle 452 Oral CPAP Mask - Fisher & Paykel
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Oracle 452 Oral CPAP Mask - Fisher & Paykel Oracle 452 Oral CPAP Mask - Fisher & Paykel Oracle 452 Oral CPAP Mask - Fisher & Paykel Oracle 452 Oral CPAP Mask - Fisher & Paykel
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Oracle 452 Oral CPAP Mask

Introducing the Oracle 452, Fisher and Paykel's unique oral CPAP face mask. The Oracle 452 Oral Mask delivers pressure through your mouth instead of your nose, providing ideal therapy for mouth-breathers and patients who are sick, or those who suffer from nasal obstruction and cannot use or do not like nasal masks, nasal pillows or full face masks. The comfortable Oracle CPAP mask does not obstruct your eyes, allowing you a clear field of vision when you use this product.

Comfortable Oral Face Mask is Easy to Use
Setting up your Oracle 452 Oral CPAP Mask is a breeze. Simply place the mouthpiece, which comes in two different sizes (small and large) for your convenience, behind your lips and in front of your teeth. Then, fit the outside flap into the mouthpiece, and then fold it over your lips. This should keep the device in place without touching or blocking your tongue. Removing the Oracle is easy as well: Just pull the Easy-Release Cord to take your mask off.

Quiet Air Diffusion
This may be an oral face mask, but that doesn't make it any louder. In fact, Fisher and Paykel designed the Oracle 452 to be a quiet CPAP mask. The Oracle 452 Oral CPAP Mask comes with a filter to stifle noise, and exhalation holes near the elbow of the device to help diffuse air away from you and your partner.

Single Strap Headgear
Tired of obtrusive, uncomfortable, and invasive headgear? The Oracle's single strap headgear is small and lightweight, wrapping around your neck at chin height. With just one strap, the rest of your face is unobstructed, and you'll have zero vision impairment with this CPAP mask. This works great if you do not like much headgear and hardware on your face.

Rotating Adjustment Dial
If you've ever felt frustrated by your inability to properly adjust your CPAP mask, fear not. Fisher and Paykel have developed an innovative and much-welcomed solution for those who just can't quite get their mask to fit: a rotating adjustment dial. The dial can be literally rotated, letting you tighten or loosen the fit between the headgear strap and the mouthpiece. Simply slide your fingers up and down the dial to adjust the fit - just be sure to maintain proper pressure on the dial as you move it!

Key Features

  • Single Strap
  • Headgear Easy to Tighten and Loosen
  • No Facial Blemishes
  • Latex Free

Reviewers Tip: Nose plugs are included with the Oracle CPAP mask to help you get used to breathing through your mouth while you sleep, which provides for effective sleep apnea therapy.


Do I have to use the nasal plugs?
No, but we recommend that you use them while you adjust to the mask. If you breathe primarily through your mouth, or if you suffer from chronic nasal congestion, they probably won't be necessary at all.

Do I need a heated humidifier with this product?
Yes, you'll really want to use a heated humidification with the Oracle 452 Oral CPAP Mask. More so than with most masks, you'll wake up with excessive dry mouth if you don't use a humidifier.

Can I use any CPAP machine with this oral mask?
Yes, unless you have an AirMini you are able to use any CPAP machine and tubing with this oral mask.

RX Required.

Technical Data

  HCPCS CodeA7044/A7035
  Weight1 lb
  Warranty90 day manufacturer warranty

Item Includes

  • Assembled mask complete with Headgear and Nasal Plugs
  • Alternate size Silicone Softseal Mouthpiece included (S,L)
  • User friendly Fitting Guide