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DeVilbiss Hybrid CPAP Mask

DeVilbiss Hybrid CPAP Mask

DeVilbiss Hybrid CPAP Mask
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DeVilbiss Hybrid CPAP Mask DeVilbiss Hybrid CPAP Mask DeVilbiss Hybrid CPAP Mask DeVilbiss Hybrid CPAP Mask
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DeVilbiss Hybrid CPAP Mask - Full Face

It's true you can't please all the people all the time, but the Hybrid CPAP Full Face Mask from DeVilbiss comes pretty close. This CPAP mask is designed for the treatment of respiratory insufficiencies such as obstructive sleep apnea. An innovative hybrid design allows this mask to function as a combination of serving as a nasal interface and oral. As the hybrid is a dual airway interface, it comes with three sizes of nasal pillows and oral cushions to ensure the right fit.

Emphasis on Comfort
CPAP users who experience painful pressure or sores with traditional nasal masks can rejoice: The DeVilbiss Hybrid complete system CPAP mask is smartly constructed to eliminate contact with the bridge of the nose and eliminates pressure points.

The included headgear has five adjustable points, guaranteeing a custom fit. Chin support is provided by a built-in chin flap instead of an intrusive chin strap. This design of the hybrid mask means it can also be used while wearing eyeglasses, leaving you free to read or watch TV as you prepare for bed, as it does not have a forehead strap. This helps to relieve pressure points on the forehead and across the bridge of the nose as the mask cushion does not cover this area.

Key Features

  • Hybrid Design - oral, nasal, and combination interfaces
  • Comfortable Headgear - no uncomfortable pressure points or chin straps
  • Custom Fit - includes three sizes of nasal pillows and oral cushions

Reviewers Tip:

This mask design is great for users who wear glasses.

Hybrid Mask Instructional Video

Hybrid Mask Fitting Tips


I tend to breathe out of both my nose and mouth. Is this the right CPAP mask for me?

The dual-airway interface of the DeVilbiss Hybrid CPAP mask is ideal for users who breathe from both the nose and mouth or who sleep with their mouths open.

How can I ensure the right fit?

In addition to three sizes of oral cushions and nasal pillows, this hybrid mask also includes headgear that is adjustable in five points. With so many options, the DeVilbiss Hybrid CPAP Full Face Mask allows CPAP users to find the perfect fit without the hassle of ordering additional accessories.

What tubing and machine device for treatment can I use with this mask?
You are able to use most CPAP machines and tubing with this mask. If you have an Airmini you will not be able to use this mask.


Technical Data

  HCPCS CodeA7027 A7035
  Warranty90 days
  Extra FeaturesPressure range 4-40 cm H20

Item Includes

  • Mask Shell with built-in chin strap
  • Cushions - Small(HYB511), Medium(HYB513), Large(HYB515)
  • Pillows - Small(HYB521), Medium(HYB523), Large(HYB525)
  • Headgear(HYB530)
  • User Instructions