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BiPAP/VPAP Machines (Bi-Level/Variable Positive Airway Pressure)

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BiPAP/VPAP machines deliver high-quality, therapeutic pressure to patients who have been diagnosed with severe sleep apnea. Our Bi-level (BiPAP) and variable positive airway pressure machines (VPAP) differ from CPAPs in that they deliver two levels of air pressure: one for inhaling and one for exhaling. For some, breathing against the constant pressure delivered by a CPAP is difficult, especially at higher pressure settings. Using a BiPAP machine allows users to exhale against a much lower pressure. This helps people get a comfortable, natural sleeping experience.

Brands such as ResMed, Philips Respironics, BREAS and more have developed the most advanced BiPAP/VPAP machines that are quiet and durable. Depending on the style you choose, you'll benefit from features such as eSync technology that synchronizes with your breathing patterns to allow for smooth inhalation and exhalation, eSync Trigger Technology that analyzes breath-by-breath patterns to deliver the optimal amount of pressure required, and integrated humidification to help control the temperature in your tube and your mask and prevent dry mouth and nasal passages. To help keep your physician informed on your sleep apnea treatment, you can use the functions on the machines that allow you to upload your sleeping data onto your PC easily. You can send this information to your sleep specialist to monitor and, if needed, adjust your treatment plan.

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Ergonomically designed, many of our BiPAP/VPAP machines take up little space on your bedside nightstand and have an easy to navigate menu with a large screen. The intuitively designed screen is capable of letting you know everything, from your sleep-related data to the quality of your mask seal. Large buttons and dials allow you to access and adjust your machine from your bed. Operating at less than 30 decibels, the machine is extremely quiet. You will be able to get a good night's rest.