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APEX Medical XT Auto Travel CPAP Machine

APEX Medical XT Auto Travel CPAP Machine

APEX Medical XT Auto Travel CPAP Machine
APEX Medical XT Auto Travel CPAP Machine APEX Medical XT Auto Travel CPAP Machine APEX Medical XT Auto Travel CPAP Machine APEX Medical XT Auto Travel CPAP Machine
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*This product does NOT include a humidifier. To purchase with humidifier included click here

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Light Weight CPAP with Exceptional Performance

One of the smallest CPAP machines in its class, the APEX XT Auto CPAP machine is an excellent CPAP for frequent travelers that do not wish to lug around bigger CPAP machines. While the XT auto CPAP machine is light weight and smaller in stature than other comparable CPAP machines, it delivers the sleep apnea therapy that you have become accustomed to with other Auto CPAP machines. Providing some of the newest CPAP therapy features like leak compensation, altitude adjustment, and data collection via an SD card for easy to read information that can be stored and shared with your physician.

Pressure Variation Algorithm

Designed to help relieve discomfort and pressuring during your exhale, the Pressure Variation Algorithm - PVA will automatically reduce pressure based on three different settings, ensuring that the prescribed pressure is delivered when the CPAP therapy user needs it most. The PVA will return to your set pressure setting on the inhale so that your comfort and therapy is never compromised during use.

Auto Adjusting Algorithm

The APEX XT Auto CPAP machine will automatically adjust air pressure to the most comfortable, and lowest, levels during CPAP therapy without sacrificing the effectiveness that you are used to. The auto adjust allows for you to sleep comfortably throughout the night.

User Friendly Interface

Easy to read with an LCD display, this APEX CPAP machine's interface is user friendly and allows for quick adjustments of your settings. The information of your therapy is stored on an SD Card that allows for you to read it on any PC computer after uploading. The SD card also allows for you to store your information so that a physician or healthcare provider can read how effective your CPAP therapy is and make whatever necessary adjustments they, or you, see fit in order to better the therapy you receive.

Power supply already built in

No external power supply brick as it is built into the machine meaning less stuff to carry making the XT Auto CPAP Machine perfect for traveling. Powering the machine requires the power cord to be plugged into the wall outlet.

Optional APEX Medical XT Fit Heated Humidifier

The XT Fit Humidifier which is sold seperately is designed to be the perfect CPAP companion. Used in conjunction with the Apex Cpap it can add a bit of bulk to the overall machine size however it packs the same punch that you would expect from larger CPAP machines. APEX has developed a great alternative for those who need a travel friendly but effective CPAP device. 

Heated Humidifier

The heated humidifier reduces the irritation commonly associated with CPAP therapy. Traditional CPAP devices can cause irritation of the throat and nasal passages but humidified air can eliminate dryness.
The humidifier will provide up to 8 hours of humidification per night at a minimum. APEX has vigorously tested the humidifier and found you can reliably expect 8 hours minimum for a full water chamber.

Please note: 2-year warranty is voided by water damage/misuse of the machine.

Default Settings

  • Ramp Start Pressure: 3 cm H2O (CPAP mode)
  • Ramp Time: 10 Minutes (CPAP mode)
  • Ramp: On
  • PVA Pressure Relief: Off
  • Alarm: Off
  • Auto Mode:  pressure range is 4 - 20 cm H2O

Key Features

  • Pressure Variation Algorithm - Relieves discomfort and pressuring during exhalation
  • Auto Adjusting Algorithm - Automatically adjusts air pressure to the most comfortable and lowest levels for comfort
  • Ultra Compact Design - Compact dimensions for portability, creates little clutter and perfect for operation anywhere.
  • User Friendly Interface - Easy to navigate LCD screen also stores all the sleep apnea data you need for effective therapy
  • Built in Power Supply - No external power brick essentially eliminating extra weight. Must be plugged into wall to operate.
  • Ramp Feature - Starts pressure at lower levels and gently increases to prescribed levels over a 20min duration in 5min increments
  • Automatic Altitude Adjustment - Adjusts pressure automatically to varying altitudes

Reviewers Tip:

You can purchase a humidifier that attaches to this auto CPAP machine for sale, and the water chamber should always be filled with distilled water. While the water chamber may be safe in the dishwasher, there is a silicone seal that can get damaged by frequent use, shortening the life span of the chamber and causing you to replace more frequently. I recommend using a warm water and a detergent that is mild and clean your water chamber as frequently as possible. Distilled water will also help extend the life span of the chamber as it will prevent calcium build up that can happen with frequent use of tap water.

Please note: 2-year warranty is voided by water damage/misuse of the machine.

Easy Compliance Software download page.

FDA 510(k)

Introducing the APEX XT Series Travel CPAP Machines!


How often should I clean and replace the filter?

The grey filter that comes with the machine is washable and reusable, and should last every six months or so if it is properly maintained. Clean the filter once every two weeks at the bare minimum, and if the environment in which your Apex XT is housed is very dusty you should clean the filter more often so that you can receive the best performance from your machine.

Can the user power the device by a battery or a car adapter?

The XT series CPAP system doesn’t have DC capability so it can’t be powered by a battery or a car adapter. However, it can be used with a DC to AC inverter  (only CPAP, not the heated humidifier).  The iCH series CPAP system can operate with an inverter or converter. The converters allow users to operate the device from a 12V or 24V DC power source.

Do I need a converter if I travel abroad?

No, you will need a special plug in order to plug in your machine, but the Apex ST can be used on international power grids, anywhere from 100 volts to 240 volts without needing to be adjusted, which makes it an ideal machine for traveling.


Model XT Auto XT Prime XT Sense XT Fit
Automatic Pressure Adjustment      
Pressure Relief    
Ramp Up Function
Automatic Altitude Adjustment (Manual) 
Automatic Leak Compensator
Low Pressure Alert  
SD Card Data  
Efficacy Information Reporter (AHI, Leak)    
Compliance Information Reporter
Pressure Setting Updater    
Alarm Clock Feature  
Humidifier ​​​​​


Technical Data

  HCPCS CodeE0601
  Data Storage CapacityThe SD card holds 730 sessions of summary data and 18 sessions of efficacy data (AHI, Leak)
  Data ViewingUser and physician access through any port that accommodates a traditional SD card
  Effective Bluetooth RangeN/A
  HumidifierXT Heated Humidifier Optional
  Operation ModesContinuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP)
  PowerAuto Adjusting Voltage from 100-240V AC, 50-60Hz, Universal Power supply
  Sound Pressure Level28 dBA
  Water Chamber Capacity5.1 oz (450 ml), will last 8 hours per night. Note: any excess mask or system leakage will deplete water amount
  ModesCPAP and Auto CPAP
  Pressure Range4 to 20 cm H2O
  Ramp Time0 to 45 minute (@ 5-minute increments)
  Starting Ramp Pressure3 to 19 cmH20
  Dimensions5.7 x 5.1 x 3.9 inches
  Dimensions w HumN/A
  Weight1.76 pounds
  Weight with HumidifierN/A
  Sound/Noise Level28 dBA
  Humidifier IncludedPVA pressure relief included
  Advanced Event DetectionN/A
  AC Power Supply WeightBuilt-in
  ColorCharcoal Gray
  Warranty2-Year Manufacturer Warranty

Item Includes

  • APEX XT Auto CPAP Machine
  • Standard 6 foot CPAP Tubing
  • User Manual
  • SD Card (4GB)
  • XT Filters
  • Carrying Case


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