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Auto CPAP Machines (APAP)

Automatic positive airway pressure machines, also known as APAPs, are one of the most technologically advanced ways to treat sleep apnea.

Benefits of an APAP Machine

Unlike traditional CPAPs that can only be set to one pressure setting, APAPs have two settings that automatically adjust the airway pressure as you sleep. This is done through algorithms that pick up on even subtle changes in your breathing. Depending on the severity of your sleep apnea, you may experience fluctuating airway changes when you sleep. An APAP assesses your sleep on a breath-by-breath basis and adjusts to your specific needs delivering your ideal low range or high range setting. Factors that may affect your pressure needs include changes in your sleep position, congestion, different stages of sleep cycle, altitude and several other factors. Shop our inventory for an auto CPAP machine that works best for you. Included in our inventory are physician-recommended brands such as ResMed, Philips Respironics, Fisher & Paykel, Transcend, APEX and more.

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Sophisticated APAPs are always being developed and one of the latest is the Respironics DreamStation Auto . This unit is a fine example of modern advances with such features as Flex Family Technology that provides three levels of pressure relief for maximum comfort and effective therapy; Resistance Control that automatically adjusts the pressure depending on the mask ensuring consistent delivery of pressure; automatic altitude adjustment; and humidification and optional heated tube to prevent dry mouth and throat as well as excess moisture and rainout.

Auto CPAPs come in a range of sizes, including convenient travel sizes. They take up little space on your nightstand and are much quieter than previous models. Small but mighty, our travel units provide all the winning features of full-size devices in a lightweight, compact design. Some weigh as little as 1lb! You will be able to enjoy sleep apnea relief on the road.

Auto CPAP machine (APAP) can adjust the CPAP pressures automatically. These CPAP machines have sensors embedded and keep monitoring your breathing events. If they find you do not snore or you do not stop breathing, your CPAP machine will use a lower pressure (still higher than the minimum pressure). If it detects you start sleep apnea, it will automatically increase the pressure (it won't exceed your CPAP settings' up limit) until you are back to normal breathing.